Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day!

We had a fun filled December. We are kinda glad it is over but will be here soon enough next year! We hope all are friends and family had a great Christmas and hope all has a wonderful New Year.
jeff picked my dad and he ordered the big hunter an Ulu knife!
I picked my mom this year for secret santa. I made her a magnet board and she loved it!
The day after Christmas we did a Christmas get together with the Mcbride side. We opened gifts and ate another prime rib dinner! I think we are all prime ribbed out! I even came home not feeling well and threw up another nice dinners. Nights are the worse for this pregnant lady! We enjoyed the day at my parents! My uncle Harry came down and My Mcbride Grandparents. We had fun!
Rustin brought his car to play with his cousins, they both got cars too. Rustin did pretty good considering he has one bum hand and arm.
Rustin was so excited to get a leapster from Poppie and mee! He already has so much fun playing it, he is getting the hang of it.
Jeff's grandpa Mack made these for us. He is very talented! Thanks pops.

Stocking time. mee and poppie fill the kids stockings every year!
After we were all done opening and having fun with all our Christmas gifts we headed on over to Jeff's parents house for some more Christmas fun!We had a yummy breakfast there and another yummy prime rib dinner!
I really have 2 kids soon it will be 3!
Oh yeah!
Another toy Rustin wanted a camera. He alway wants to take pictures ever since we took our family pictures!
Dad and Rustin got new slippers.
This was one of the toys that Rustin kept asking Santa for a remote control car. Every time he opened a present he would say thank you Santa. So dang cute!
Oh ya Rustin gets his guns!
Jeff's little beauty!
So Jeff got his toy a gun from Mrs. Clause! Can you tell he is so excited!
The 2 kids peeking over the loft at all the gifts!
Here it all is before it got torn into the next morning!
So we had a busy Christmas week. Christmas Eve night our new neighbors invited to have a prime rib dinner. How could we pass that up so we did and played some ripple my nipple. If you have not played we will have to teach you don't be afraid it's not what you think. We had a fun night. Well then we were done and we put Rustin down and brought out all the gifts and put them under the tree! Then the fun began the next morning!

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