Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh ya the cast is off!

It still looked a little crooked to me but the doctor assured me that it is still healing and it will straighten out. I guess there is still some swelling to. So we shall see. He still is not to sure about using it. It will be interesting to see if he stays right handed since he has been using his left hand for 5 weeks now or he could be both.

Is he happy or what! He said when he got it off, my bones back!
So Rustin was able to get his cast off this Monday jan. 9th. He was so excited he has been showing everyone. He also called his dad right after he got it off and said, dad I can go fishing with you now! Jeff has been promising Rustin that he can go fishing with him and our friend Jason for a few weeks now as soon as he gets his cast off! The doc said make sure he does not run climb or jump for the next week. Ya ok he is saying that about a 3 year old. Well I will do my best. Yeah for no more doctor appts. for his cast stuff! Oh and last night he was so excited that he could take a bath and get his arm wet!

I don't think so

Ya that is not a toy!Jeff thought it would be funny to put Rustin in my new dryer. Not such a good idea he will think it's a toy! We finally broke down and got a new front loader washer an dryer we were having some leaking problems with our washer for a while then our dryer took a dump! so now we are more energy efficient!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

4th cast and counting

Poor guy we waited in the Doctors office for like 2 hours before we were even seen. Rustin was so tired and did not feel good his ear hurt. So he was tired of waiting and fell asleep. We went to another Doctor appt. to check his ear right after this appt. and found out he had 105 temp and a bad ear infection. I had figured since he was up all through the night the night before. He has had it ruff!I hope it just gets better from here for the poor guy!

Ya that was pretty sick when they took it off. Stinky and dead peeling skin.

So we thought maybe Rustin was going to get his cast off on the 5th but no such luck. Well they did put him in one that just goes to his elbow instead of clear up to his shoulder. So he can move in it a lot better. We will see about next week.

Jeff's Birthday

Rustin was so excited to pick out his daddy's ice cream cake Jeff's favorite!Rustin loves Birthdays!
So Jeff had some Birthday fun even though it is right after Christmas. I took him out to see Avitar in 3D Yeah I can not do 3D I about threw up. So I just took the glasses off and watched it without them. We enjoyed the 3 hour movie It was better then I thought is was going to be. Then Jeff Myself,Melissa and August went to Kona grill and had us some sushi and salad. We had a fun night. Jeff's mom asked to have Rustin spend the night. Let me tell you that was a nice little break for Jeff and I. Happy Birthday my man!