Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Labor Day camping trip

So we decided to join the group Oconell family smoth family gloebel family and the McBride family for a fun camping trip. It was so nice to get out of the heat and away from the crazy city life we had so much fun! I think Rustin found a new toy!
Jeff August and Rustin on a little ride.
Never to big to play with toys!
Rustin was having so much fun with his dad riding the dirt bike boys and there toys!

So for the camping trip I decided to bake homade whole wheat hamburger buns. They were not as hard as I thought they were going to be. I have decided to try making more momade breads we will see how it goes!

halicopter ride

getting ready to go fly on the chopper!
Some other boy I know was having the time of his life too.
The view from above.
Up in the air he was checking everything out.
We just landed! We made it with out crashing that was my fear!
I love this picture Rustin loved talking into these head sets when we were flying in the air he would say look mom look at that everything he was seeing in the sky that was on the ground he wanted to let you know about it!He thought it was the coolest thing!

Marcie is a lady jeff worked with and her and her Husband own pheonix Halicopter they were out in Jhonson Ranch doing an event and she invited us out to go fly. The boys were all about it but I was still not sure about it. Well I was brave and went too. We had so much fun and now we can say we have been in a halicopter. Thanks Marcie for your kindness!


I would have to say Jeff did a great job building this coop out of scrap wood!

For some reason the past couple of weeks we have been finding baby lizards all over in the sand box and on the back porch so Rustin caught 2 when we let the chickens play in the grass. They were so cute he had fun withh them we let them go and he was a little sad.

So Jeff about 3 weeks ago decided to bring home 6 baby chicks so Rustin can learn resposibility or so jeff says. I said he is 3 babe that will just give me one more thing to do. My mom and jeffs sister gave him this idea I think cause they both have them. Rustin has loved having them so when they start laying eggs we will sell them to start Rustins mission fund! So we have a mini farm now. They are not so bad now that they are out side in a coop and not in my house cause they stink and I have arule no animals inside my house!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Fun Ride

So we decided to go on a date to Bahama Bucks but instead of driving we decided to ride the cruisers there and back. We had so much fun our friends August and Melissa went with us. We rode a total of 6 miles and it felt like 1 it was so much fun! It was some thing different to do. It was still a little hot so I am excited to go on more bike rides when it cools off. We took Rustin out with us this past Sunday evening for a ride and he enjoyed it to. Some good fun!

Birthday fun!

So another Birthday has come and gone. This year my good friend cassy fixed me up a yummy cake and it made my day she is awesome! So many friends and family called are text me! My husband got me flowers and left a suprise in the garage yes the beach cruisers! then My hubby took me out to Blue Wasabi for some sushi. Then we went to Jeffs parents and had my cake and ice cream. My side of the family had me over for dinner and cake the Sunday before it was like a B-day week! I had a great birthday and am looking foward to another!