Friday, February 19, 2010


What a fun day!
The boys were lovin life catching all these fish!
He is setting you free into the river little fishy.
Poor fishy Rustin just like playing with you.
On our little hike down the river we found this fluff stuff. Rustin decided to get a stick and put the stuf on it and blow it into the air. He loved it.
The river.
Pro fisher!~
Oh ya baby we caught one!
Waiting patiently for a bite.
His friend the crawfish.
Rustin enjoyed playing with the bate which was little tiny fish.
The boys getting all ready!
This was about a month ago Jeff and Jason took Rustin out fishing but no luck catching anything~
So Jeff has bee going fishing when ever he can get a chance with our neighbor Jason. Rustin has been begging to go since he got his cast off. Jeff decided to take President's Day off finally a day off to spend some time with his family. His new business has been taking up a lot of his time in which we are so blessed for. So Jeff decided to take Rustin and I to the fishing spot. We had so much fun. Rustin was able to rill in 5 fish and he loved every moment of it. While Jeff fished a little on his own out in the water Rustin and I went for a little hike down the river. It was such a nice day to get out and enjoy nature!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines Fun!

So Rustin and I had fun making homemade red velvet cake and cupcakes Jeff's favorite! Rustin loves putting the sprinkles on cake or cupcakes! Here is the little cake we made Jeff.

Jeff and I decided to go on a quick weekend get away for our anniversary and Valentines day. We had my mom watch the boy and we stayed at a resort in Scottsdale and enjoyed are alone time. We both got messages which was wonderful! We ate at a lot of good restaurants and just relaxed! We tried these cupcakes at Sprinkle $3.50 per cupcake what the heck they better be good for that price. We saw this place with a line out the door so we thought well lets go try them. I would have to say I don't know if they are worth that much but they were good. Our favorites were the coconut and the strawberry! fun times. You forget what it is like spending time with out your child. We missed him!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

celebrating 6 years!

FEB 12th!
Yeah for 6 years! I still do not know where the time goes! We have had so many fun moments in our marriage! This year has been a busy one Finally got Pregnant and staying Pregnant and we are so excited to have another child to add to our family! Jeff has been working hard to get his business up and running and he accomplished that and official opened his doors the 1st of January. He has been very busy with it! I have been so blessed with a great hard working hubby! We have been so blessed this year and we are excited to see what the next year brings!Love you Babe! To more happy years to come.

Rustin Talking

So I thought I better write these down before I forget them. I would also like to read these to Rustin when he is older. This kid says stuff that I would not think a 3 year old one say but it comes right out of his mouth!

1. The other day we were at Chic Fil A and there was a lady there from our ward. I did not know this until she told me a couple weeks later. She said she saw Rustin and she said to him Rustin I heard you are going to be a big brother? He said yes I am! Then he asked her are you pregnant? She said no. Rustin said well all you have to do is pray to Heavenly Father and tell him you want a baby and he will help you get one! Then she asked him what we are naming the baby. His response something something Brandon! Oh man I love him. So we say a prayer every night with him and when we were trying to have a baby we would pray about it. I guess he really does listen to what we say!

2. it was a week before Rustin's Preschool Valentines day party and he kept asking is my party tomorrow over and over again. I kept telling him over and over again Rustin it is not until next week on Thursday. He said to me will you stop telling me that you are making me frustrated. Well ok then! he told me.

3. Rustin was getting into his bed for the night and he farted! I said Rustin. He said I know I am out of control! That is for dang sure, out of control funny!