Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy In The Kitchen!

Merry Christmas to me from my parents. For Our family Christmas present this year my parents got all the married children presure cookers. So we can bottle food for our food storage. Well I really have not done it so My mom had me over and we had a full day of fun in the kitchen. We did pork chicken a butter. It all turned out great and I did not blow up the kitchen. That is one thing that scares me about those things! Thanks mom I hope I can do it on my own next time!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe

Jeffs Birthday was Dec. 30th. I took him out to dinner to the Keg and Jeffs mom watch the little boy. Then we came back to pick up Rustin and had ice cream cake that little boy picked out for his daddy!

Rustin 1st snow trip

Rustin kept eating the snow!
Rustin decided to join dad!
So all the boys decided to go in the round pin and duke it out with the snow ball fight1

He got hit with a snow ball. He was a good sort and he said out loud you got me!
This snow was so deep and so not touched it was so pretty!
Checking out his cousins snow baord thinking to himself I want to do that! They made a jump and they were all going down the hil and jumping.

These were snow ball throwers that my Aunt lisa bought online and the were a hit!
Rustin and Steele another cousin playing around!

Rustin and his cousin Ridge dancing to the music on the movie. They are the best of buds. Since he goes over to his house every Thursday while mommy works!
So we arrived at the cabin at about 10:00 pm the day after Christmas to my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jeffs cabin. They were unable to make it up becuase they closed all the roads for black ice. So they told us where a key was. Anyways we got to there cabin but could only park on the road by there cabin but not there drive way road because you could not even see where it started. So we parked the car and got out just what we needed and started walking in 11 degree weather and knee deep snow crazy cold! Then we had to find the key with our cell phones as flash lights. We found it but it was frozen on the thing it was on so Jeff had to get a stick and break it loose then put it in hes mouth to thaw off the ice. It was crazy but well worth it! We had a great trip!
So we got lots of snow. The roads on the way up were a little scary! These were the roads on the way up to Jessica's oh but the raods that night on the way up to the cabin were worse we were like the only crazy poeple out on the roads. Thank goodness we made it up in one piece!

So the day after Christmas we decided to go visit my sister Jessica and her family up in Snow Flake before we went to my Aunt and Uncles cabin. We had a lot of fun playing Wi and playing with her dogs. Jeff wanted to take Trouble home, thats the big dog! The dog reminds me of the dog on Turner and Hooch! We miss not having Rustin's cousins closer, but they have a great place to go visit! Thanks for having us!

Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas to Rustin. Jeff and I decided this year that we would not do Christmas for us and we would do Christmas for a family in need. So that is what we did. We bought food toys and other goodies. Jeffs boss bought clothes and a few other items also. It was such a neat experiance. The family that we gave to was so thankful, there faces showed so much excitment. I would love to do that every year. Giving to other poeple in need is so much better then recieving! We had a wonderful Christmas! I don't have any pictures. I forgot my camera1

Well I thought Rustin was done opening all his gifts. I thought wrong. Jeff had one more he got him. We headed out into the garage and this is what Rustin found. I think he was a little spoiled this year. His daddy sure does love him!
This was our great find on craigs list. We knew we would get this for Rustin after go to the 5 little monkeys toy store in San Fran. Thare was a thomas the train set in there and Rustin played with it for 45 min. straight and did not want to go! He loves his train set and mom loves it to since it keeps him happy and busy!
So Jeff got Rustin a fish. Lets just say with out me knowing. Jeff said to me as he showed me the fish right before we went to bed Christmas eve night don't divorce me I got and then he showed me the fish. I told him as long as he cleans it then it's fine. All Rustin would say that he wanted from Santa was a fish in a bucket!

So I made this quite book for Rustin. I hope it will keep him quite in church!

After opening our presents we went over to Mike and Kristi's to visit Rustins cousins.
So Jeff wanted to go over to our neighbors hot tub and take a dip. So Christmas night Jeff and Rustin went swiming They enjoyed every minute while i watched. Crazy boys!