Monday, December 7, 2009

Broken Arm

There is a smile!
Rustin was a little drugged up!
Rustin's Nonnie(my mom) and my nanna came over to visit Rustin and brought him a bag of goodies. They included an apple and carrots so he can get strong good laughs!

Dang You some times think oh that will never happen! Well it did to Rustin. We went up for the weekend to Snow Flake to see my sisters son Chance get baptized well Saturday all the kids were playing and I guess Rylie Jessica's daughter was playing with Rustin on her bed and she was putting his stomach up on her legs like super man and was pushing him. Well one time I guess it the push was a little hard and he fell off the bed. The force and the landing broke his wrist in 2 places. He came down the hall screaming so bad I thought he was going to pass out. So I was trying to figure out what happened. I took off his shirt looked down at his wrist and sorry but I said shit! Lets go to the ER! So the fun night began. We had to drive to showlow that was the closest hostpital We got there no wait thank goodness cause this boy was not happy in a lot of pain and very scared to go to the hostpital. They got us back and began exrays he hated that. Then the doc came in and gave us the news. The Doc took us to see the xrays and explaind that they were going to have to put him under cause they need to reposition the bone so put it back where it is supposed to be. So we went in and the hard part began. They pinned him down to give him 2 big shots in the muscle of both his legs. Then the oxygen in his nose which he was flipping out at this point not happy at all. It was killing jeff and I to see this happening we felt so helpless. The drug started working but not enough he was fighting it. he kept screaming out Daddy Mommy and reaching for us. At that point both Jeff and I lost it. You heart just broke you wish you could take all the pain away. All we could do is sit watch and try to comfort him.So the 3rd shot worked a little so they were going to proceed. Well Jeff and my brother Hunter left the room. So it was me. I sat there held his hand and looked away. I heard Rustin scream and a loud pop as they pulled on it to put it in place. I just cried. The hard part was over. They put a splint on and a sling. Now it was time for him to wake up. That was probably the best part. He acted like he was drunk. He would say Daddy, Mommy with a big grin and big eyes and just reach for us. Then he would stutter saying where where ammmmmmm IIIIIIIIII really slow or what what happened? Then he would look at Jeff and say what happened to your eyes. Not sure what he was seeing. Mom you turned into and alien. Or I got a big band-aid on my arm. I can feel my bones. Look I got a band-ais on my leg. all this as he saying it just picture him drunk! Then the nurse gave him stickers and he says like he is drunk with the facial expresions stickers real slow. You would of had to have been there. Then they had these stickers over the lights and it looked like the ocean with tons of fish. So he looked up and said . The fissssshhhhhh are swimming. Anyways it was so much better to see him happy and not crying. Well he came to enough that they could let us go. So they gave us all his meds and a bowl for throw up just in case. they said some times the meds we gave him to put him out will cause his stomach not to feel so well. So off we went at 1:30 am to drive back to Queen creek. Rustin did pretty good on the way home he was so worn out. My brother was going to stay awake to help Jeff but he fell asleep so I stayed awake. You know that bucket they gave us for Rustin to throw up in well he did not use it I did. This pregnancy is a rough one. So I am glad they gave it to us so I could use it. Well we made it home about 4:15 am and hoped it one not be to rough for the rest of the night with the boy! He did pretty good. He has been doing pretty good since then. He is in some pain but them gave him some drugs to help they just make him sleepy. We go to the doc today so we will keep everyone posted on what happens. They said they should not have to do surgery since they got it back pretty close where it should be. Lets cross our fingers. He will get a cast in the next couple of days that will make it easier! Sorry for the long winded post.I will try to get the pictures from our phone that were taken at the ER!


August and Melissa said...

oh man- -how sad! Funny story though! :) Ha , tell him to get well soon for me! My mom was gonna bring him something but she can't drive- maybe Fran could come get her to visit Rustin! :)

AZ Finters said...

Crazy! Hope he feels better soon! Hope for a girl. maybe you wont have as many broken bones with a girl.

Scott, Tiff, Talon, & Tylie said...

Oh snap, that's crazy and oh so sad! Poor Rustin! Sorry your pregnancy has been rough, my bet is it's a girl. When do you find out?

Andréa Morrow said...

poor little guy and poor you! I far along are you? I"m about 4 months.

Brent and Brittnie said...

It was great to see you guys tonight. I can't believe you didn't stay for the show... too bad. You all missed out. haha!