Sunday, April 20, 2008

Big boy bed accident

So Rustin keeps getting out of his big boy bed and one night he was making his way to our room and he ran right into or computer chair and got a fat lip poor guy. You would think after that he would stay in there but no.

So Rustin got a big boy bed. He did good in it the 1st week but after he turned 2 it went down hill from there. I feel like I have a new born who is up during the night. I can't give in but it is hard. Every time he gets up and comes in our room I take him bak and put him in his and wait for him to fall asleep. Then leave and 2 hours later we go through it again abd again. I even tried putting a gate in his door way but he climbed over. So wish us good luck tonight will be the night. I miss my boy that when he wanted to go to bed he would say night night blanket mom. We would go up satirs put him in bed say a prayer put on his blanket shut the door and turn off the light and he would fall right to sleep. He would ussually not wake up till the next morning. It's so true about the terrible twos. But I still love him!

Race car driver

Looks like Rustin might take after his Uncle steve and go pro in drag racing. What do you think Uncle steve!You may have to give him a few pointers!Watch out on the roads every one!
He loves his race car. He knows how to drive that thing thats for sure. I have to keep on turtle spped just in case. We will bump it to the high speed when daddy's out with him and he loves it!
Rustin out in the garage with dad. Father like son. Jeff was working on a friends car and Rustin decided he was going to work on his. To cute!

here is our home sweet home Grandpa and Grandma Mack

these are pictures for Grandpa and Grandma Mack that they wanted to see.So that is part of our home in order to see the rest you have to come down and visit us. We love and miss you guys!
This is the fun and very nice back yard that your grandson Jeff put in. You should be very proud of him. I don't think there is anything this boy can't do. I love it!

The family room and yeah we have to have more toys down there to!
The Kitchen.
This is the living room I just got my mirror re finished so we were able to finally put it up after about 4 months and I finally got the buffet I wanted.

This is the loft or I should say Rustin's play room. He has got so many toys!
Rustin's fun little Bathroom.

This is my office for my bussiness. I have made into my own little room!So Grandma when you come down we can make you pretty but not that you are not all ready!
Rustin's room he now has a big boy bed. We have not found a duvet or a bedroom set for him yet but I am on the search for the perfect ones!

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's My Birthday Party!

We cooked hamburgers for dinner again the night after the party!

Dad decided to put water in the slide and play the day after the party.

Dad and me having fun!
All the kids and adults had so much fun on the big toy slide!

The kids eating there yummy food.
What a great guy cooking everyone up some good grub!
Rustin holding kristi's baby Landon. He loves babies and is so good with them. Everyone was saying hint hint Chelsea time for another. Ya ya I said. I will have another when I am ready!
All the kids were waithing for the candy to bust out!

Mommy and Daddy Bought this for me for my B-day. Good thing it has a turtle spEed so mom can keep up with me. Lets just say on high speed he ran into the little kids table and knocked over the drinks and food that were on it. We all laughed it was great!

Rustin I think thought it was a toy. so he started to play with the cars on it! I told him to bite it and then he relized oh this is my cake!

The amazing Cake that april made. She is so awesome! Thaks April it tasted as fantastic as it looked!
SO Rustin all week could not stop talking about his Birthday party! He would say party, cake, presents all day. You would ask him what is happening on Sat. and he would say those three words again and again. He also learned that he would be turning 2. So you would ask him how old is Rustin and he would say 2 and try to show you on his fingers. Any way the day finnally arrived! Rustin had a blast with all his friends and of coarse the big slide the cake presents and the pinyatta I bet I so speeled that wrong, but you get the idea. It was a very fun day for a cute little boy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Rustin The big 2! 4-12-08

This video of Rustin will be cherished, because he no longer does it. It was the most funniest thing he did as a baby. The time I will remember it most is when he did it really loud it sacrament as the bread was bieng past. Lets just say every one knew Rustin was at church. Every one loved when he would say nummies, so they would put food in his face so that he would do it. Know wonder he was a chunk! Happy Birthday Rustin We love you! So I can not believe my boy is turning 2. It just seemed like yesterday he was born. He is a little boy now!We are enjoying Rustin so much. He has grown up so much, I love seeing what he is going to do or say next. It's always something new. He brings so much joy to Jeff and I. We never have a dull moment between him and jeff. Where does the time go.