Thursday, October 25, 2007

Family night

Rustin loves pumpkins when ever he sees one he always points or runs to it and says pumpkin. We had so much fun at the farm on Power and Warner for family night.

Rustin is taken a ride in the cow train & so is dad.
My two kids are jumping in the jumper.
Rustin and Jeff decided to go play the hay maze they were having so much fun!

Rustin and Daddy checking out the pigs!Hey dad I don't think we are suppost to be in the pens with the pigs?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

playing with my puppy

Rustin & Talon With There Buddies

Rustin is giving loves to his new friend!

We Got A Dog

Razz is on the left wich is our dog and Roxy is on the right.So this the dog I have always wanted but was not in any hurry to get one. well as most of you know rustin loves dogs. Well our friends Tiff & Scott have been looking for one for a while now and wanted us to get one I kept daying no. Ya Tiff went to go pick one up called me when she was there and said Jeff told me to call you and talk you in to getting one. I kept saying no then she said look at there pictures on line they are the cutest boxers you have ever seen. I told her let me call Jeff. To make a long story short I saw the pictures of the pups and fell for it. On one condition I told Jeff she stays outside. We named her RAZZ. Rustin is having a ball with her.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Superstition Farm

Tifanny and I decided after going to the gym on Friday we would take the boys to Superstition Farm.As soon as we got to the farm Rustin saw the cows and ran for them saying moo moo moo. It was so cute. When we ran to the fence there was a little baby cow that had just been born.We had so much fun!
Rustin and Talon loved touching the goats as they walked by them. As you can see Rustin and Talon are buddies.

We went on Rustins first pony ride.

Okay we are done with this cow thing.href="">

Walking the Neighbors dog

Dora was saying save me from this kid I am done being walked.

Rustin loves all our neighbors dogs. He decided that he wanted to take Dora for a little walk. Rustins favorite dog is Gizmo. Gizmo is the dog in front of the one Rusty is walking. He always runs out front and goes to our neighbors door knocks and says Gizmo. He is to smart for his age.


Rustin loves the bubble machine. He always takes my hand and leads me to the back door too the bubble machine and says bubble bubbles.


I learned how to go down the slide all by myself and I am having so much fun doing it. He loves when we go to the park to do the big slides!

D Back Game

Oh Ya that is one good craker!

Mommy and the boys decided to go to the D-Back game while the Daddys decided to go to the ASU game. The boys sat at the bar with us in the Lexus club becuase those were the only seats left. The boys enjoyed the very large crakers they got. It was a fun evening out with our little ones!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Family Camping Trip

Our fun little family camping trip to get out of the heat. Rustin had fun playing in the dirt and getting covered in it. I had fun letting him run free. He also loves going on rides in the ranger. Him and his Nonny(my mom Fran)went on plenty of rides. If you want him to go down for a nap when we are out camping all we have to do is go out for a ride.Shoot it beats the rocking chair!

Starting Blog

Hey I am going to give a little thanks to Tiffany Roit One of my good freinds for helping me start my blog. Thxs Tiff your the bomb!

The little Cowboy

Okay are these not the cutest pictures ever. You do not even know how many fruit snacks we went through to do all these photos and to keep that little boy happy. My sister Breanna is in a Photo class in college and needed to do a project so she shot pictures of Rusty. We had so much fun and were laughing so hard. Jeff said when he saw the pictures what did you do to my son? I said oh everyone has a naked baby picture. A sticker can cover anything!

Day at the Lake

WE saw all these big horn sheep while one of the guys were wake boarding. So we stopped and snapped a couple shots. The one in the picture was the big guy in the group. It was a cool thing to see because you don't always see them when you go.

Jeff and Rustin Crusin on the jet ski

Dad And Rustin driven the boat. Rustin loves driven the boat or the car. I guess he takes after his dad on that one.

My Blue Eyed Boy

Mom and Rustin playing around with the camera that jeff got mom for her Birthday!