Saturday, December 19, 2009

The casts

The second cast red!
So this is cast #1 blue!
So 2 days after Rustin had broke his arm, he decides he does not need his soft cast any more.What is a mother to do with her child? I was in the kitchen cleaning and he was sitting on the couch watching his cartoons. I looked over from the kitchen at him and looked down at his arm looked at it again and said to myself that is the arm he broke but where is the soft cast. Well it was laying in a pile on the couch. I screamed and said Rustin you took of your big band-aid well his response to me was I do not need it anymore! Ya right I said thinking to myself again we are going to have to go back in they are going to have to put him back under and reset it. I was all stressed. I called the orthopedic mind you he was not going to get Rustin into a hard cast until the following Tuesday almost a week away. Well the DR. said just put the soft cast back on, I said ok I hope I do it right. Well they got him in on Thursday 2 days after he took it off. Yes they did have to reset it again and put a hard cast on. I hated to see him cry again from them having to reset it again but relieved he was going to be in a hard cast. We went back a week later for x-rays and the Dr. said we are going to have to reset the bone again and re-cast it. What reset it again? I knew they were probably going to have to re-cast because the swelling went down and his thumb was almost all the way inside the cast you could barley see it but reset it. He said yes it has moved since the swelling went down. So here we go again poor Rustin I told him they were not going to hurt him this time, I felt like I lied to him. Needless to say he was not happy. Rustin got to pick out another color for his new cast and he picked red for Christmas. So we go back in another 2 weeks and I really hope the bones stay where they need to. Rustin told me mom I don't want them to squeeze or pull on my bones any more! Breaks my heart! So we will see what happens. To be continued!

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