Thursday, September 23, 2010

1st waxing!

So Jeff wanted me to wax his eye brows the other day and Rustin asked his daddy if it hurt and he said yes. Well Rustin was watching and said mom I want you to wax my eyebrow. Jeff said no it hurts he said no it does'nt dad! He kept asking for me to do it so I did. It was so dang funny. I did his first brow and he started laughing and then said that hurts! Well he said I don't want the other one done. I said we have to do the other one and we were able to get both done. He said ya dad that does hurt. We were all laughing. I swear he is such a funny kid. He makes us laugh all the time with things he says or does! We love you Rustin!

What my baby is a girl?!

So I was going through stuff and found my crate of girl things I have collected over the years and decided to put some of the thing on Stratt. Oh your daddy did not like that to much! Oh but I thought you looked so dang cute!

Play time

Stratt has started to grip onto things and he is gumming his fist and toys. I am wondering if he has started the teething process.

Stratt has been smiling and cooing like crazy since he was 2 months. He has been so much fun to have in our little family!

Bath Time

Stratt loves his bath time! I think he likes it so much cause he knows he gets a bottle when he is done!

Stratt 3 months

So this it how Stratt sleeps. We swaddle him and then put the lovey on his chest stomach area and a binki in his mouth. He sleeps in is crib at night and he is sleeping from about 9pm til 6am. He eats at 6am and then I swadle him again and stick binki in and lovey on and then put him in the swing and he usually will sleep till 9am. For naps we put him in his swing binki in and lovey on! He sleeps in his swings for naps cause he sleeps longer then if I put him in his crib.I would only get about 15 min. naps in the crib.

So the story behind the lovey. Stratt has acid reflux and colic. Does not make for a good combo. This has caused him not to be a very good sleeper. When he was about 2 1/2 weeks old I was going a little crazy from lack of sleep. I remembered my sister inlaw Shelley got this cool thing from the hospital for her baby Ellery and it helped comfort her and helped her sleep! So I asked her if I could try it and see if it would help Stratt. Sure enough it did! So instead of waking up every 2 hours he was waking up every 4 to 5 hours! It is amazing. It also helps hold his binki in. So now Shelley is making and going to sell them. So all you mothers out there if you have this problem with your baby this is amazing. She is calling it a lovey! Moms love there sleep! Thanks Shelley!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hanging out

Watching cartoons with his big brother.
Happy boy smiling with a cute big slober mark on his onsie!

Stratt 2 months old

They still love each other!
We pulled out the your play matt. You are happy for 5-10 min and then you have had enough.
This is how mom gets ready. Blow dry hair and bounce you with one foot. I am getting pretty talented.
Rustin wanted to help feed his little brother. He did a great job.
1st time @ the pool. We did not even put the little guy in the water. It was a little cold that day. He still loved hearing the water though! Rustin loved getting out and swimming!

Stratt's cute faces!
So our little guy is growing up fast! At his 2 month Doctors Appt. these were his results.

Weight- 13.5 86 percentile
length - 23 in. 51 percentile
head - 16 in 80 percentile

So he is not showing he is as big as his older brother yet. Rustin was always in the 90th percentile for hieght and weight.

1st day at Preschool

Rustin could not be more excited to start another year of preschool. He has been going a little crazy with having a little baby brother. Rustin likes to always be on the go. Every night he asks what are we doing tomorrow. Where are we going or who is coming over. Then in the morning he asks the sam questions! How exciting for mom to have to repeat herself all the time! You will tell him what we are doing for the day then he will ask well what are we doing after that. As if we do not have enough going on. He is always wanting to do and go more! He is busy! He is such a joy to have in our family!