Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Birthday Girls!

So my Birthday is on Aug. 25th and Tifanny's is on Aug 29th. So guess what we went out to celebrate. We went to Blue Wasabi/ The best sushi. I have a new love and never knew it and that is sushi. Not raw stuff I am not that crazy but the cooked kind. Its so yummy! Us girls had a fun dinner! HAppy birthday to us!
Yum Yum!
Baby Ty Joined us for the girls night! she slept the whole time, what a good babe she is!

Chelsea's Birthday and a rainy day!

So It was my big day on Monday Aug. 25th and a rainy one it was. Rustin got to play a little out in it with his new rain boots that his mee got him in San Fran. jeff suprized me and took me to dinner at Fleming's steak house. He had Rustin staying the night with his mom. So needless to say me had Jeff had a wonderful evening. Dinner was amazing as always at Fleming's and then after we went shopping and I bought a few items. We enjoyed it without a kid. Not that I don't love my child it is just some times nice to be just the 2 of us!Thanks babe for a fun night!

Jungle Jims play

We felt like kids again when Jeff and I got out there and rode the bumper cars with Rustin. We had so much fun!

Brigs facial expressions on this ride were so funny! He was a little scareed I think. Rustin was saying woo hoo!

So on Jeffs day off we decided to take Rustin to Jungles Jims! I remember having a suprize birthday as a kid there crazy! Rustin and his cousin Brig had a blast on all the rides. Brig was not to sure about some rides but because Rustin had ne fear and wanted to do all of them. Well then brig went to!What a fun day it was for them! Oh and I cause the adults to because we got to go on some of the rides!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Big Event

Ok so the big party begins in Az . Breanna and will had there reception the day before they got married, They wanted to get married on 8-8-08 and the reception place was not available on that day. The reception was more like a big party with tons of dancing. Caleb is missing his wife in this picture since the day before she had to go to the hostpital cause she decided to go into labor 2 months early. So she was unable to be there.What an eventful few days we all had. Hot but fun!
Bre with all her nephews and her neice.
You should have seen Grandpa and Breanna dance. Graps has got the moves still!
Rustin out there on the dance floor, showing everyone what he's got for such a litle guy! He loves to dance, as soon as he hears music any where is right there shakin it
My Grandpa shakin it with my Nanna. THEY STILL HAVE SOME SPUNK IN THERE OLDER AGES!
So Jeff and I had to wake up the day after the Reception at 5 am and go video at the temple for Will and Breanna.They had there reception the day before there wedding.Shelly was suppost to do it, until her baby decide she wanted to come out 2 months early the day before the event.She was in the hospital for everything. That was a bummer. Jeff Breanna Will and I had a little time to kill so we went to get breakfast at Denny's. It was so funny to watch every ones faces as we walked in. Fun Fun.
So the St. David reception begins. This is where Will is from.
He found a friend down here in Saint David.
Having fun with all the kids on the tramp until This happened.....
This was the out come of jumping on the tramp with all those kids. A big ouch. The spring on there pinch him by his eye.
Daddy Chillin With his son.
Grandma McBride putting a flower in Rusty"s hair to cheer him up a little!
The way his eye looked the day after. I thought it was going to be worse then it was.
Rustin thought it was abirthday with all the presents. Hunter decided to dress my son up with all the wrapping stuff!He is in nothing but his under pants cause he got into the cactus thta was out side Will and Breannas Appartment. Poor kid is not having a very good weekend. Everyone else got cactus in them to from picking him up not knowing he got into it! Real fun picking that stuff out!
Breanna and Will opening there presents. This present was from Wills boss. He told him for my gift just put money in a helment. So he did all in ones. It was funny, it looked like they robbed some one!
This is in Seirra Vista, we stopped to get lunch. We are almost home and it has been a long three to four days. We are ready to go home and chill for a little bit. Just wanted to write about this. Our hotel where we stayed after the St. David reception was in benson. We got our card to the room and the bed had been slept in and not clean at all. So we got our second room witch was just as bad but smelled to. So 3 times a charm right. Well for the 3rd room it had bugs all over the floors some dead and some just crawling around. It was so gross anyways we did not sleep very well that night. Everyone elso who stayed with us at the same hotel there rooms were fine. It was just ours. Fun Fun. Glad to be home in my nice clean home and bed!