Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rustin's 1st field trip

Here we are at Mother Natures Farm in Mesa for Rustin's 1st field trip. He knew he had a field trip coming up for a while and would ask everyday about it. He just was so excited about going he could hardly stand it. We had so much fun!
Out of all the pumpkins Rustin brought me this one. So tiny and cute.
Rustin's little class.

He had so much fun putting all the fun stickers on his pumpkin.
Rustin loved that mee was helping him with his pumpkin.
He was proud of his pumpkin!
Having fun on the hay ride going around the farm. Rustin got to sit by his cousin Ridge.

feeding the cow sheep and goats. Rustin mad a comment about the boy sheep he said mom that sheep had a big bottom. He was talking about the male part that was hanging if you know what I mean. Kids will say the darnest things!
feeding the chickens and turkeys.

He made it to the end of the hay maze. He bumped into a couple dead ends but found his way through!
Rustin wanted to sit and play on the tractor.While I shopped in the little store they had with Jeffs mom Linda we bought there peach salsa which I would recomend to anyone it is so yummy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cayman Island Trip

On our way to they Cayman Islands. We had an amazing trip did a ton of dives and saw alot of cool fish and other things under the sea. It is so amazing under the water it really is a whole different world down there. I can't wait to go on more dive trips.We were gone a full week I missed Rustin alot. When I got home I almost cried when I saw him it seemed like he grew just while we were gone. He said to me mom I missed you guys. You guys were taking forever. I swear that kid is so dang funny I love him so much.It's good to be home.
This is the bay where are condo was it was veryy pretty and we had the cove to our self kinda nice!We stayed on the north part of the Island at Kiabo.
Lets say he was not a happy crab!
This was pretty funny on our way home from one of our days of diving we almost ran this guy over he was in the middle of the raod so we turned around and jeff got out put the guy in the towel and drove all the way back to the condo with it in his lap he is lucky it did not pinch soemthing off!
We went down to do a dive and here was a big submarine with people in it checking out the under world it was cool to see it.
This eel was not to happy with us invading his space he would not come out from under that rock.
These were caves that we were diving in and through they were really cool a little scary but noy bad.

This was probably my favorite it is a spotted ray they are so pretty.
Oh we will never forget the car rides we had every day!
We ate some mahi mahi sandwiches here and they were so yummy with some jerk may or tater sauce. We ate so much fish but I never got sick of it.

I just love the colors on all these fish.

Say hi to mister lobster.

This guy that lives in this shell is called a conch and so its a conch shell. The people of the Caymans eat these. I tried conch chowder and it was really good I was suprised I liked it cause I hate clam chowder.

So my mother inlaw Linda made it done to the mermaid this time. we did the dive twice the 1st time She could not quite clear her ears the second time we she saw the mermaid and we cotintued on down deeper into the dive and she got mask sqeeze. Now we call her puffer fish cause her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head so we had to surface. Her eyes were pretty swollen. She is okay after some eyes drugs and a good night slepp. she learned and dove the rest of the trip with no problem!

Jeff getting some under water lovin!
Jeff inside the boat.
Me heading inside the boat.
This big grouper was just chiilin inside the boat.
This was neat to go do and see a wreck dive.
This bad boy just chilled while jeff got all up into hes bussines and I was right behind so he would bite jeff before me. This is a baracuda.
Don't touch these will hurt you. This is wher nemo lives!
Jeff would of done more dives then we did if there was more time. we did like 12 dives hello I think thats good for the week.
We saw some of the coolest looking fish all different kinds. The pictures do not do the underwater justice. You have to have a really expensive camera to capture all the amazing colors under the water.The colors were so bright.

It was always so fun to see these turtles on just about every dive we did. They ranged in sizes.
The cayman people drink a whole lot of rum. They are just layed back people ya man.
Is that water just to die for. so pretty.
The little car that we drove in all week That part of the trip was not all that fun.
A pirate ship I am sure it is for pirate week that they celebrate.

What is this. We foubd this as we were shopping one of the days the brand name of this pirate guy who was a good cook got this nick name. what a nick name I say!
The sandal tree off the side of the road. I guess sandals that are washed up or people just put on there.

We went to a wonderful resturant right on the ocean called Over The Edge it was amazing food. We ate fish and let me tell you fish there is so good and so disapointing at home. I wish we had more fresh fish here. I guess thats what happens when you do not liveve right by the ocean.
This big green guy decided to come out and see what all the fuss was about. He same right under me kinda crazy but way cool.
Jeff gave me the camera so I could take some shots of him. The sting rays were cool to play with!

On our way out on the boat dive to go find some sting rays. Me just putting all my gear together.
The lockers at the dive shop!

Me on our 1st dive.

Just chillin that is the Cayman life! I was liven it!

These big boys were always fun to see. We saw a few of these on our dive trips.
Linda and I just soaking up some sun On our last day in the Caymans. The boys went snorkling in the bay that we were staying by.

So this crazy thing stung jeff on the man boob while he was snorkling on top of that Jeff forgot to put sunscreen on and he fried his back and now is peeling like crazy it's sick.This was shots from right outside our condo on the bay!