Sunday, May 8, 2011

Superstition farm field trip (Rustin pre school)

Rustin's pre school had a field trip to Superstition Farm. We all had fun!
Learning about the cows,milk and the farm.
Bryton and Rustin enjoying the hay ride around the farm.
Grandpa mack,Mee,Stratt and I joined rustin on his field trip.
He loved the cows.
One of the cows had just had a baby so cute.
Stratt was getting a kick out of all the farm animals.
Rustin feeding the goat.

Trying the cows milk from the farm. They had all diferent kinds of flavors. Rustin had chocolate and I had orange chocolate.

Stratt 10 months

Hanging out with dad.
Grandpa Mack swinging Stratt.

Stratt was sick Mothers day weekend. It is super sad when these little guys get sick. I hate seeing them throw up they are so help less.
I just don't want to believe it is true. He is to close to being 1 year. Stratt is a ball of joy. He has such a fun little personality. He loves his mom right now and does not let me out of his sight. He is working on crawling when he wants. It is not a true crawl he pushes with one leg then pulls with his arms. Just like his older brother. He has a total of 8 teeth now. He loves being outside. Loves to go to the pool and play.

Camping Trip April 2011

He was having fun playing in the dirt and rocks. A little boys favorite play ground!

What is this thing?

Rustin and Jeff caught the crawdad and I caught a minnow!

Oh ya I got a fish.
Rustin caught him a fish!
This is the camping life!
Stratt and his buddy Slade hanging out.
Kennedy,Rustin and Sawyer having fun at the stream.
Kennedy and Rustin hanging out in the motor home.
We had so much fun going camping With our friends Heather and Doug and there kids Cris and Chance and there kids Shireen and brett there kids, Justin and Tabetha and there little girl. We went to bear flats. The kids had so much fun playin in oak creek. Rustin would play so hard every day we were there that he would come tell us at night mom dad I am tired I want to go to bed. He crashed every night fast.

Easter 2011

Family Easter picture.
Mady hangin out for the Easter fun.

The Easter egg hunt begins!
He was loving his drum.

The Easter Bunny came.
Had fun dying easter eggs with friends.

The New Addition to the Brandon Family

Madison Loves her Daddy!
Maddy is not sure about Rex.
So this was not a new addition but I guess wanted to be. This bird flew in and pooped all over my house. It was a pain to get it outside.
She is so ugly she is cute!
She is not allowed on the coach she loves Rustin.
Mrs Madison is apart of the family now. We pretty much adopted her from a family who got a divorce. She is a great dog and the kids loved her. We surprised Rustin for his Birthday with her. He has been wanting a dog for a long time now.

Rustin's 5th Birthday

Justin and Tabetha surprised Rustin with a birthday cake after his game.
We took Rustin to San Tan Flats for his Birthday dinner. He love sgoing there.
Eating a pickle.
This is why he loves coming to this place.
He has gotten the roasting marshmallow thing down.
Oh I just want to eat him he is so handsome.
My big boy.
Our little family.
The castle cake was awesome thanks to Cassy!
The bounce castle was a hit!
Having fun going down the slide.
Trying to get the dang candles to light it was windy.

Stratt even got some ice cream thanks to Poppie!
This kid loves opening presents!
Our Birthday boy!
Rustin turned 5 I can not believe it! He is my big boy. He is such a joy to have in our family. He is such a funny kid. He acts a lot older for his age. He has done very well in Pre school and is so ready for kindergarten next year. I can not believe it. He is very social loves to play with his friends. He gets along with just about any kid he is like a big teddy bear!
Rustin's 5 year statts

Weight 46.5 lb 83.74%tile

Height 44 in 83.74 %tile