Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fully Potty Trained!

So it is was an exciting week last week. I can say that Rustin is now fully potty trained at 2yrs and 4 months old. Ya, I love not changing diapers. I also love that I don't have to spend money on diapers. So the poop thing I got figured out. Jeff and I went to Walmart and went to the toy section and bought a bunch of small cheap toys and also fun little candies. Oh and gum balls. Each time he went poo he got to pick a toy and get a gum ball. That worked great. He is my big boy now, all grown up. It's so crazy!

attacked in nusery

Poor Rustin got attacked by a child in nursery. He got a nice scratch and 4 days before that he ran straight into the edge of one of the walls at home. If you look close you can see a bruise in between his eyes and in the corner of his eyes.He some times does not pay attention to where he is going. I am suprised I did not get turned into cps! Poor little boy.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun Fun Lake Trip!

We went to the lake and took our neighbors Bryan and Melissa. My sister Breanna and Will. Ryan and Kendra our other neighbors were going to go until there air went out at there building. We missed them. That just gives us another excuse to plan another trip. We always have fun taking people out with us!
Rustin and his best bud our neighbor Bryan. He loves bryan!
Will, Breanna and Rustin. Rustin was so excited to have Them all go on the boat with us. He loves his aunt and soon to be uncle!
Jeff Rustin and Bryan out having fun on the tube!
Bryan was out there showing us all up.
Wills 2nd time wake boarding and he did great!
Go Breanna!
So jeff had the itch to get out there and wake board. He was watching bryan and that made him want to go. He has not been out on a wake board since he broke his back! Of course he throws out his back while out there. He has not strenghtend his back enough to do the wake boarding thing. He thought he could get out there and do all the crazy flips and stuff he used to do before.So any ways Jeff was down flat on his back for a coupe days after that. It brought back bad memories for me.
The two love birds. Breanna and Will are getting married on Aug. 8th. They are so fun and so cute together!
Melissa Rustin and I just chillin in the boat. Rustin is crashed out. He had a long fun day for such a little boy!

Scuba Diving at the lake

The crazy boys.

Me and my boy hangin out!
Here is Rustins little buddy!
Getting ready to go scuba!
So clint bryan and Jeff had this bright idea to go scuba diving at the lake. They were hoping to find money or diamond rings down there, but no such luck. Us girls did not want to do that. Cassie and I and the kids decided just to hang out in the water and get a tan. The Boys said it was the blackest of blacks that they had ever seen down there. Jeff said it was crazy not being able to see anything and hearing all these weird noises under the water. Boys will be boys. After the boys were done we went and at luch at the restaurant right there on Canyon lake. It was pretty good.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of july!

Jeff and the guys were lighting of some big fire works that we got last year in New Mexico. The little boys did not like those ones so much. We had so much fun at our neihbors Kendra and Ryans house for the 4th. We did a BBQ. Lots of good food and fun!
Playing with sparklers and proof of Rustin trying on and walking around in girls shoes!
Here is the guys jeff scott ryan and brian.

Rusty,Taylon & Tyes playing in the hot tub!

Potty Training Time!

So my little boy is not so little any more. He is growing up way to fast. He is so cute in his little undies. I love his little bum. He has done so good. We just have one problem its been a week and he will not go number#2 on the toilet. If anyone knows how I can break this please let me know. We have tried candy. I even bought a little cake and told him he could have poopoo cake if he goes poop. Still know luck!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another fun lake trip

We all had such a fun day! Thanks for coming everyone!
Ok so the boys are showing off there muscles I guess. Well hunter might be skinny but i think he wins!Just before climbing up that rock they jumped into some pretty cold lake water by the back of canyon and I think Colten won for screaming the highest pitched scream for a guy!
The boys doing some more cliff jumping at the end of canyon lake.
Oh ya dad Wrecked on his jamin John ski!That looks like it hurts!
So here is my dad he can clear the wake on his jamin john ski. His ski is named after his friend. If we have the wake just right I love it. It was funny we had boats that were stopping to watch him go. He went out with a bang thoughh. Poor guy wrecked really hard.

All the boys decided to go cliff jumping.
Feeding the ducks some chips. Rustin loves when the ducks come to the boat. We have to make sure we bring something to feed to them.
My dad and Rustins Grandpa. So everyone always aks where does Rustin get his red tinted hair. well there you go it's from my wonderful father!Rustin was enjoying swimming in the lake he was mad when we took him out.
Swimming with his daddy!
This little boy can't get enough of the lake he loves it!
Here is my other little brother Hunter. They were getting some air!
We took my family to the lake. We had a very fun time together. It was fun to see every one ski or wake board. It is always fun to see my dad get out there and ski. He skis like no other person I know. We love watching him.Here is my little brother Colten. He has gotten good at wake boarding.