Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Addition To The Brandon Family

Here is the Mr REX.

Thanks to the Taylor family we have this new guy. As long as he does not dig a bunch of my holes in the back yard I am cool with keeping him. Rustin is in love. We will see how long it last.

Stratt's 4 Months old

Little man is getting some rice cereal ti fill up my belly for the 1st time.
Oh man he loved it!
Went to the Doctor for Stratt's 4 month check up. He is not as chunky or as tall as Rustin. He does have a little bit bigger of a head then Rustin.
Lentgh - 26in 86th %tile
Wheight - 16lbs 78th %tile
Head - 17in 75th %tile

Pre school pumkin patch field trip

These two boys are my favorite!
Stratt got to join in on the pumkin patch fun!
Oh he is so dang yummy!
Taking a tour of the farm with his class.

Going on a little ride with his buddy Bryton Bluth.

Trying to use his muscles.
The boy is picking out his pumkin.
Oh I think I found it!

Ya this is the one.

No Training Wheels!

Dad lets go and you are off!
This boy learned so fast. It only took 2 times of letting go. He fell a few times and got back up. Within an hour he had it down. After a second day practicing he can now start off by himself. Way to go Bubba! He was so excited he would sing while ridding his bike I can ride a bike with no training wheels whoo hoo!
Strat was enjoying being outside watching his big brother.

What color are those eye? Gray blue? Whatever they are I am in love with these eyes!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Boys

Oh how I love these two!

Stratt's little smile. Oh and look at Rustin's little freckles!

Little story about Rustin's cute freckles. There is a guy named Tony that works at the gym we go to. Rustin is his little buddy. Every time Rustin goes in Tony yells out hey freckles what's up. Rustin waves to him with a big grin!

Weekend at Grandpa and Grandma McBrides house

Great Grandpa McBride,Rustin and stratt.
Grandpa got a new baby horse.
Rustin found a new friend. He loved brushing this little girl!
Daddy in action!
Here is Shelley ,Caleb, baby Hudson and rustin. Thanks to my mom for watching the baby so we could go.
Mamma in bowling action. We had fun bowling in Safford.
Rustin loves his Great Grandpa McBride.
Full rainbow on the way home!
So we decided to make a trip up tp Safford to see the Mcbride Grandparents. We have not been up there for a couple years. so it was time. We had so much fun.

A Day At The Lake

Rustin was wiped out after the day at the lake. he passed out on the ride home.
These boys sure had fun!

Jayden,Brig,Rustin and Jeff ready to have some tubing fun.
The group just hanging out. Kristi her kids, Tedd, Linda, Tanner and Dana.
Rustin and his Daddy having fun paddling around the lake.
So we decided to go one last time to the lake before summer was over. We went with Kristi her kids, Tedd, Linda Tanner and Dana. We had fun!