Tuesday, July 27, 2010

24th of July camping trip

Rustin could not get enoug ride time in. Him and his daddy!
Rustin,Stratt and cousin Riley.
Uncle Colten chillin with little man Stratt.
Uncle Tanner bieng a huge help and hanging out with Stratt!
We decided to go on a little camping trip. it was fun and nice weather but a little hard with a new born!Uncle Colten and Rustin doing a little riding!

Stratt" New Born Pictures

Well another awesome photo shoot done by the one and only Kendal Hawkins! We had to do to different photo shoots because Stratt was not having it the 1st go around. He was screaming! We were able to catch some great shots of him. I love them. I am already looking back and saying wow they grow fast!

Friday, July 16, 2010

3 weeks old and acid reflux

So it has been awhile I have some catching up to do. Life is crazy busy!

Stratts 1st bath. He is not to sure. Rustin was so excited for him to get in the bath with him!
He still loves his brother even if he cries a lot. Rustin always says you need to calm down or chill out to Stratt when he is screaming!
My little stink bug. He likes this position. Crazy baby!
Yup 2 babies in a row with acid reflux. Stratt developed acid reflux. It has not been fun. We have been working on finding a formula that works for him and what medicine will work best. We have had a lot of sleepless nights and days. It is hard seeing and listening to him cry for hours and nothing calms him. It makes for one tired mommy!Good thing he is so dang cute!
He is growing so fast! already 10.9 lbs dang my kids are big!
Aunt Breanna loves her boys! We can"t wait for her to have a little one!

Uncle Hunter does not have to much longer to hang with his boys before he leaves on his mission to Mexico. We will sure miss him!

Our 4th of July!

Taking a little stroll around the lake while dad does some fishin.
Daddy enjoying some fishing.a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Xcth147PsWQ/TEC6HIdnw5I/AAAAAAAACdw/Og43ou4kfeM/s1600/102_0730.JPG">
Rustin can"t wait any longer for the parade to start. He is so excited!
Daddy bought me a shaved ice. it was a little warm out.
We got some candy that was thrown out from the parade.
Rustin loved the horses.
Mom and Stratt trying to chill in what shade we could find behind the stroller.
Rustins first time bowling and he loved it!

He even got a strike!
Check out his form.
Huge chopper! We went & watched fire orks at our friends hanger in Showlow. We had our own front row seats!
In the hanger ready for the show to start.

Worn out from a long fun filled 4th of July!

We went up north to Stay at August and Melissa's cabin. We had a ton of fun and it was nice to enjoy some cooler weather!

Life with another Baby!

Aunt Breanna and Stratt.
Cute little brothers.
Mr. Stratt man.
Nana and Rustin just chillin.
Generation picture. My mom my moms mom Me and Stratt.
Stratt an Nana hanging out.
New borns are exhausting! All my boys are crashed. I was crashed out with them but got up to snap this shot!
It has been a little adjustment for rustin having a little brother. He does not get all the attention. We have had to find a lot of activities to do that are inside. It is just to dang hot outside with a baby. Rustin has been playing a lot of board games and painting.

Oh so cute!