Sunday, August 23, 2009

What the heck!

So we were asleep and it was abot 2am when I thought I heard a loud crash but though maybe I was dreaming it. I sat up and ask Jeff if he heard something and he said yes. So he went down stairs to see if all the doors and windows were still locked and intact and they were. He came back upstairs and said I have no idea what it was. So we went back to bed. The next morning I was doin laudry and I went upstairs to put some towels away in my office and this is what I found! I was not happy about this at all. The guy who installed it was the guy who biult it and I told him it will need to be mounted in the wall with heavy duty stuff cause I will be putting alot of weight on it. Well I trusted that he did and come to find out. The screws that he put in were little skinny dry wall screws that ended up snapping in half because there was alot of weight on the shelf.What was he thinking I have know idea. But I marched my little butt to Home Depot and took care of some bussiness and got what I needed so it would be up there on the wall for good! That was not fun cleaning up that mess!

1st Day of Preschool!

Here is my teachers and my Preschool friends!

So Rustin would ask for months before school started when do I get to go to Preschool mom. He would ask that question at least once a week. I think he was just a wee bit excited to go! He loves to be with other kids so I was excited for him to go and socialize and learn. His Preschool is called Kiddie Campus his teachers are Mrs Freeman and Mrs Alleman. The first day we got there he put his bucket in the cubby and off he went not a good by mom nothung. I said Rustin come back here and say bye and give me a hug. It is just cray to think he is old enough!

Sunday afternoon adventure

Trying to catch the little fish!

So we do not start church till 2:00 so we have alot of the day to kill. So a couple of Sundays ago we decided to take Rustin to canal and see if we could catch anything with his little net. We were unsuccesful but we still had fun getting out of the house and boiling outside!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rustin Jet skiing

So we went for a quick lake trip this past Monday and took just the ski. Jeff took Rustin out and let him ride it while jeff was holding on to the kill key just in case he got to crazy! Rustin was having the time of his life he even knew how to turn the ski to smart that boy is it scares me sometimes. He did not want to get off. Our friends Cassie and Brian went with us and we had so much fun! as we always do.

24th of july cabin fun!

So my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lesa McBride invited us up to their caban up in Alpine we went up for the Luna New Mexico july 24th pioneer days and rodeo. We had so much fun and enjoyed the cool Temps and the rain. On Sunday we stopped on our way home to vistit and stay the night with Jessica Sam and their kids we had a great trip!
I love these pictures of Rustin with the lake and the clouds reflecting off of it.
This guy pitched Rustins finger and would not let go he did he was not to happy about that. The guys got him off of his finger and he was fine and back at catching them again.
Some of the crawfish we caught. at the end of it all we had about 50 of these guys. The kids were having a blast catching them!
Rustin and his cousin Fishin.
So my Aunt Lisa made Jeff put this guy on his pants and me pose next to him!Funny Funny!
Fishing with dad with a snake around my neck.
So this was the july 24th carnaval. The kids had to throw the ball at the red thing and it would drop the kid on top into the water and that water was cold. It was pretty neat Rustin loved to do it.
Smal town boys decided to be their own kind of parade float!
These people are Dick and Helen they are Mary Smiths parents they have had a ranch in Alpine for years so they are always apart of the parade. They live down in gilbert.
Waiting patietly for the Luna New Mexico July 24th pioneer day parade to start they throw lots of candy so the kids can't wait!
This is a friend of mine Dallin Hulsey He rides broncs all over the world. The Hulsey family owns a ranch up in Luna they are a great family and it was good to meet up with them it's been along time since I have seen any of them.
Oh ya those are hot! Rustin got these at the Luna parade.
Too much excitment for one day. He was ou to the world.
Rustin and his cousin Ridge got to be inthe rodeo and do the egg toss they did pretty good but the egg cracked on Ridge.
So cute father and son. My 2 boys!
Me and my buddy watching the action from the fence line! my mom asked me when we got home so did watching the rodeo make you want to get out there and compete. i said yes I miss it a lot. Some of you may and may not know yes I rode as a teenager anf competed in some rodeos and other events. It was so much fun!
Move out of the way cowboy!
Oh I am a true Luna cowboy folded ears when the hats on and all. The ladies want me!
The hit game at the cabin was the Mexican train. oh ya baby come on ride the train. It is such a fun game we stayed up late and would play it and also during the day. No one could get enough we were edicted!

4th of july camping trip

We are all lined up and ready to go on a ride!
Rustin is trying to catch some bugs!
The story behing the big black crow in the toilet. All the boys wanted and tried to shoot one of these blasted crows that would make lots of noise to early in the morning. Any way the crows were very smart like they knew when you had a gun. Well Will was the one to kill one. He decided to play a joke on the smith family and put it in the toilet of there trailer. Well Melissa was the one who pulled her pants down to go to the bathroom and just about sat on the big ugly thing and she screamed! It was funny!
This was a house or cave what ever you want to call it. A man got in a fight some where in AZ lost an eye from the fight came up here dug this cave by hand and became a hermit he also dug himself a water well kinda crazy huh. We did not know that until a rancher came up the hill and told us the story. What a life to live like that.

The kids were enjoing the rides!
We took a little family picture up on top of this mountian that over looked the forest.
Aughust and Sam decided it would be fun to jump there toys and it was so funny and crazy! Boys will be boys. All the girls and kids jumped out so they could be nuts!
So Rustin decided oh ya you guys can jump it well so can I. The kids Chance Riley and Rustin were having so much fun running and jumping the jump on foot!
Rustin on the trail ride holding is favorite toy which was Mary Smiths Dog Milee he never wanted to leave her sight. On the other hand Milee would hide from him ever chance she could get!
this is Jason Smith he is a nut!
So we would go on trail rides pretty much all day long. Well we kinda took the short cut back and the dirt bikes were not street legal so we kept them between us ans Aughust and Melissa on the highway back to camp. It was a little adventure!
So it has been a while since I have updated the blog. So I am starting now. Don't mind all the new posts in a row. We decided to get the heck out of the heat and join my family and some friends for a camping trip up Past Strawberry. We had lots of fun1