Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So this is how easy it is to break into cars. The jerk took a screw driver and broke the plastic casing around the key hole and then went under the plastic casing and popped the lock. Wow is that not crazy. He did the same thing to the other girls yukon.
So I was not to happy last week after coming out of the gym on Tuesday morning to find my car had been broken into. I was walking out of the gym turned the corner and heard a car door shut and then a car alarm go off and it sounded like mine. I looked at my car and it was not. I looked up and saw a man walk around a yukon by my car and he got in his and took off. Well by the time i relized what just happened was when I got to my car looked in it and it looked like a bomb went off inside. That guy that just took off in the SRP truck, ya he broke into my car and I scared him off from taking more stuff from the car he was breaking into by mine. The jerk took my purse with cash inside and gift cards. He took my diaper bag, dry cleaning bag full of clothes, my camera and some of my husbands scuba stuff. Ya he made out good in my car. The other girls car he just got her purse and her camera. It all happened so fast I was unable to get a plate number for the guys truck. Anyways was not a happy girl last week. Let me tell you claiming it on insurance is such a pain in the butt. It's all done and over now. I have learned not to leave anything in my car including a bag full of dirty clothes. So all you girls who go to the gym do not leave anything in your car for the jerks who like to take things from us!The cop who came to right up a report said it is happening alot right now. So consider yoursef warned!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I can not believe we have been married for 5yrs! Where does the time go. We will try and shoot for another 5yrs! J/K We are so excited for many more happy years to come.