Saturday, July 11, 2009


Can you tell by all my post I got a little behind on updating my blog!
I just love my boy!

Rustin and his cousins.

Poppie got us tickets to go see the circus we had so much fun. Rustin sat still the whole time and was glued watching all that was going on! Thanks Poppie and Mee.

add on to our house

Before pictures.

After pictures.

So my husband Jeff gets the bright idea to add on to our house. I am not really wanting to do it since our house is really not worth what we paid for it since the economy took a dump. so I did not want to put any more money into. Well we talked about it and I told Jeff we can do it as long as you do everything because that would save us labor cost. So he said ok. Who knew my jeffrey had it in him. He did everything himself he is a jack of all trades. I knew I married him for a reason. Your amazing honey. The add on is a little office now. Of corse Jeff would say I had to put in cabinents and yes it makes it nice you can never have to much storage.

lake trip

This is Tanner Jeffs little brother. They both were trying to do a full 3 60 Tanner almost had it and Jeff did get it but we missed it on camera it was so funny to see his face he got it on the first try crazy these boys and there toys!
We just love going to the lake we can never get enough of it!

My brothers graduation

Here is the fam.
Oh My heck I can not believe my younger brother Hunter graduated alomg with my cousin Staci. I feel like I am getting old. It seems just like yesterday I was still in high school. Where does the time go. I want it to slow down a bit!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ellery's Benefit

I want to thank my cousin Kristina for taking the time to run and get all the donations she did and for being at the benefit do chair messages. To my mom thanks for all the running around you did also and for the baked goods you provided. Again thanks to all who made this benefit a hit!
I was so happy to be able to provide my services for the benefit. I was able to do brow and lip waxes and we were craking those women and men in and out of there. It was so fun to talk to people I did not even knoe and they did not know me or my brother but they were there to support amazing!
This is Mark Cami's Hubby. He worked the raffle table what an awesome guy.Thanks Mark for all you did!
If it were not for my best friend Cami this would have never happened. Here she is working her magic with hair. Love this girl. Thanks Cami for all the time and effort you put into this amazing benefit!
The raffle tables and all the amazing items that were donated. Thanks to all who donated things.
She was able to come to her own party!
So the benefit was a hit. We made about $3600.00. Habit Salon was packed with people that day. There were people that came from all over Az it was amazing to see the people come together for this little girl. Words just can not explain the day unless you were there to witness and here all that was happening. Thanks you to all who made this day so wonderful. My Brother Caleb his wife Shelley and little Ellery have been able to have some stress lifted from them and little Ellery was able to get her helmet WooHoo!