Sunday, December 27, 2009

The 3rd cast What?

It's green now! Rustin has a magic cast it changes colors like every week. No I wish that was the case. I guess the good thing out of Rustin getting his cast changed out is every time it starts to stink he gets a new one nice for mom!
So I snapped a picture when they took off his cast.It looks a lot better then what it did in the ER. it still is coming out to theleft side a little but it will heal with time.
So yes after just four days of having is second cast put on I called the doctor and told him again Rustin's fingers are inside the cast again? So we were headed back to get another cast and re-set it agian.When we got in to see the doc he called Rustin houdini. I am not to sure that it is him I think the guy who is casting it is not doing a good job? Really Rustin was not happy he was trying to get out of the bed as the doctor was doing it. Rustin has had enough with the doctor pulling a squeezing is arm. He told the doc. quit hurting me! He was excited to pick another color though, green for Christmas instead of red. So it has been blue,green,and now red I just glad it has not been pink if you know what I mean!

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