Friday, November 28, 2008

house broken into

The gun that jeff used to hold the guy tight till the cops got there.
The blood stain on the carpet by the rock. The guys hand was all messed up. I guess he used his hand with the rock to bust the window. The rock that the guy used to bust the window. It was a rock from Kendra's front yard.
So this is how the story begins. Mon day November 24th at about 2:00 pm Jeff and I were just chillin on the couch and Rustin was taking a snooze, Then the we hear someone knocking at the door. So I get up to get it and it's Kendra our neighbor right across the street. She asked if Jeff was home I said yes. Kendra's husband got a phone call from the neighbor across the green belt and said the vacant home next to Kendra's house had a broken window and that Kendra should go check it out. Well kendra new Jeff was home so she felt better if he came and checked it out. We all walked over there Jeff Kendra and I and sure enough the window had been busted and opened. We new the family who used to live there and it had been vacant for about a year now. Jeff went into the home while Kendra and I stood out side. Jeff said well nothing looks to be stolen or damaged. Then he comes back over by us and I told him why don't you go check upstairs, He turned around and took one step then turned back around and mouths to us there is someone up there. So he gets out and runs home to get his gun. I closed the broken window as much as I could and told Kendra to call 911. Kendra and I move away from the window, Kendra is standing in the drive way of the home and I am stading kiddy corner from the broken window and more in font of the house in front of these other windows. Jeff comes back and heads towards the back of the house with his gun. I looked at kendra in the drive way then jsut so happened to look up through the window and saw up stairs in the loft a guy putting his hands up across his throat and was motioning to me to be quite. Holy shush my body became frozen I was a wee bit scared. I turned my head and told kendra get jeff tell him to come here I just saw a guy. Kendra is stiil on the phone with the cops and all of a sudden I see the guy 4 steps away from the bottom of the stairs. I screamed at jeff and said hurry he is at the bottom of the stairs. Jeff went up to the broken window and told the guy not to move he kept getting up and jeff said don't move and pulled his gun out. I thinking oh great hurry up cops. It seemed like it was taking them for ever. Then all of a sudden 5 or 6 cop cars come rushing down our street. Jeff moved away and the cops all entered and cuffed the dude. Well come to find out he was a boy from the boys ranch that had escaped again. He escaped the day before and decided to camp out inside this home until who knows when. They need to do a fence around that place. This is not our 1st go around with a boy escaping from the ranch. One knocked on our door last year while jeff was gone and my mother inlaw answered it and he wanted to come in and use my phone and bathroom. Anyways that is a whole other story! Lets just say Monday was one crazy day! I hate that I saw that guys face in the window like that because I have flash backs! Very Creepy! I think Jeff loved every minute of it. While us girls on the other hand did not. I guess we could say that does not happen every day and glad it does not. Well at least to us but I am sure in the world! So lock your doors because you never know.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another fun trip to San Fran.

So Our trip was so much fun. I think Rustin died and went to heaven while we were up there we did a lot for him. Linda did watch Rustin while Jeff and I ate at our favorite resuarant the spinaker. Thanks Linda!Grandma And Grandpa Mack and two of there great grandkids. This was a uncle steves and aunt Karens house. They made such a yummy dinner for us as always. Those to know how to cook some good grub!Love you guys Thanks!
My two boys had to mich fun at the beach!
Letting Mr. Crabby go!
So this was our catch of the day star fish a crab and a snail!

He is just to cute!
Grandpa and Rustin were cleaning the crab so we could have them for dinner. Jeff and I ate a whole crab a piece. It is so yummy! Talk about gaining some weight! Thats what the gym is for right!We are on vacation!

Finding sand dollars.
Running from the waves before they catch us!

So we were able to go to the zoo this year. Last year we could not go cause a tiger got out and killed a guy when we were there. They shut it down the whole time we were there.We had a blast. This zoo puts the AZ one to shame. Little boy had a blast!
So this was a funny thing happening at the zoo. While poeple were in the petting zoo they parked there strollers out side. Well this little thief was getting into there bags thats right and stealing there lunches. They learned how to open the containers. Smart if you asked me.

So he got ot ride on the train with his daddy!

This monkey was so funny he was acting just like a human under his blanket!
Just a funny picture with Granpa Mack's Hat!
He loves all the fish at the aquarium on the peir!

This was one funky looking crab. He looks like he is from back in time!
So Rustin thought that the cotton candy was a big pink marshmellow and sad dad I want that. So daddy bought it for him! Oh yeah!
Rustin loves to see the sea lions. There were more this year then last year!

Ok so this picture is of a bum on pier 39. He had these prop leave branch things and he would hide himself and as a person walked by he would scare them. He would say to them as he laughed I GOT YOUR ASS! We stayed and watched for a little bit it was so funny. What poeple will do. He seemed happy doing it!
Rustin had fun playing with the puppets at this little olace on the bay for kids!
We are sad that our trip is over. We enjoyed every minute of it! We love you Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you for letting us stay with you!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Air planes

We took step by step pictures of how the slide thing went. Rustin wanted so badly to go on this huge slide. I could not help him because I had to watch the stroller and my purse. So there he went he climed up that very big slide no problem. The problem was coming down. It freaked him out just a little you can see in one of the pictures his feet just hanging there like he changed his mind and did not want to com down. It was alittle late he could not quite get back up. So he was hanging there saying help help. So a kind little girl ran up and went down with him. He got down and said that was fun. I want to do it again. Of corse we did'nt. But we had a fun day!">

What boy does not love the fire trucks and Police sawt trucks. He had fun trying those out to. What a little boys dream!AAAAAAABGs/lbhoL6dMPhw/s1600-h/Halloween+2008+and+air+palne+show+037.JPG">

Rustin loves airplanes and halicopters. So mom and Rustin went to the Wiliams Field airport open house.Dad was at work and could not join. Rustin was in heaven getting to sit in them and try them out.


Poppy and Mee decided to bring there new puppy along Tuff he is so cute and Rustin loves him.

So this year we decided to join kristi mike and there kids at there wards trunk or treat. We had alot of fun. Rustin got lots of candy and played some carnaval games. I think his favorite part was passing out candy to all of the kids. He would give them a piece of candy and then he would say your welcome even if they did not say thank you! It was so cute. I could not get Rustin to where his spider man mask. He still was cute though!