Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yes It's TRUE!

Yes you are seeing this picture right! You are all probably rubbing your eyes and taking a second look. I know I did when it showed up positive on the pregnancy test. Most of you knew I took a break from all the fertility I was on. Jeff and I were going on our vacation and I did not want to feel like crap on all that stuff. I wanted to enjoy my self. Well we stopped the drugs but did not stop well you know! I guess that all it takes just not stressing about it and take a nice vacation a lot better then being all those nasty drugs. I dove 12 dives and had no clue I was pregnant. doc says everything looks great!Are So the doc has close watch on me. I go for blood work every week and ultra sounds. It has been so neat to see this little peanut growing and the strong heart beat. I also have been feeling pretty sick with this one not fun but it is a good sign. We could not be more excited to have another little one come into our family. We have been waiting a while now!I did not to tell everyone till I was 3 months but between Rustin my mom and Jeff It will not happen. Everyone is too excited. I am almost there 10 weeks now Due June 23rd! Thanks to all my friends and family for there prayers and continued support!
Mee was so happy and did not get it at 1st either but poppie looked at it and went upstairs totally went over his head. Then he came back down stairs and finally got it.
My mom looking a little confused, since I had to tell her a little white lie a couple of weeks before this. She ask if I was pregnant cause everyone knew I was on fertility and of course been trying! I just want to use this shirt that I had made when I got pregnant the 1st time after Rustin.
My mom showing of her little goodie1
These are the BabyRuth candy bars we gave out to all the family!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a fun Halloween. all the neighbors got together and we had a bbq then we took the kids out trick or treating. Came back and let the kids play with there cars and bikes in the cultisac while the adults sat around a fire and talked.

Rustin got lots of candy!

We had so much fun this year. We went to 2 different Halloween parties. Yes Jeff was an old women and I was an old man. Pretty sexy huh!
Oh that's funny the old women standing there watching the basketball game!

Oh this was pretty funny My uncle Jeff was Patrick swayze and his friend was chris farley they did the saturday night live chipendale dance. My Aunt Lisa was Mary Katherin Gallager. They all fit the parts perfect. I did not get a shot of my Aunt. We were all rolling on the floor laughing when they did there little strip dance. Good times!
This was the first party we went to.
All the girls who put this party on did a wonderful job with decorating it. They are known for there magic!

So Rustin went into the office to mess on the computer. When he tried to get down from sitting on top of the desk he got hung up on the nob conected to the desk. I heard mom help help. So I walked in and this is what I saw. I could not help but crack up laughing and before I got him down I had to run and get the camera. That's what ya get for messing!
Oh Rustin could not wait to carve his pumpkin!

Rustin loved his Halloween party that he had a preschool.