Thursday, May 29, 2008

San Carlos Mexico Dive Trip

So this is the trip that Jeff and I have been so excited for. We left Rustin with my parents half of the time and with Jeffs parents the other half of the time. We enjoyed our trip so much and are so ready to go on another. I think Rustin enjoyed his trip to see is Uncles and Aunts and his Grandparents. It was Great for all of us!This was the hotel we stayed at right on the beach!

We also came across this little guy who was walking with this big shell on his back!
Jeff found this on the beach and he thought it looked like a pipe or what ever and wanted me to take this picture.
We took a morning walk on the beach before getting on the dive boat.
This is seal Island the Island that we did most of our dives. We would do them at different locations of the Island.
This was so fun. The seals would swim right up to your face and then swim to the side so fast.Jeff took this one before she jetted off. Looks like a cute little puppy dog!
Jeff is playing with a seal in this picture. Itis a little harder to see but they are there.
Here is chelsea playing with the seal. You would flip and the seal would flip. You twirl She would twirl with you. It was so amazing and so much fun!
These our some of the neat things we saw under water. It is another world down there.

There is jeff. We are now certified divers. Yeah!
There is me.
Getting ready to go!
We just finished our 1st dive of the day and we are taking a break and having lunch.
This was the people in our dive group.
This is the little boat that would pick up and drop our dive group off too and from the big boat and the beach to our hotel. It was fun trying to get on this little boat when the waves were a little bigger on some days.
One of the many boat rides, coming home from a fun day of diving.
The last night in San Carlos started out by going shopping and getting some mexican vanilla and then going to the famous Jay Jays tacos place. Can I tell you that those are the best tacos I have ever had I could have eaten more but I stopped. The shrimp were my favorite!
So we went out the last night to sogie pesos and partied with our virian margaritas, While everyone was shocked that we did not drink. Everyone else got the real thing. But as they would call it we enjoyed our frozen lemonades!
This was the amazing view from our room. The last picture we took before we left. We were still sleepy can you tell. We went and went the entire trip.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Family Lake Trip

These ducks kept following us all day. we kept feeding them, that is probably why. The kids loved it!

Jeff and Tanner getting everything ready to go.
Jeffs trying out the new wake skate!
Rustin did not want to get out of that tube. He thought it was so cool. You would start to pull it and he would go weeee!
All the boys were having so much fun!

Rustin picking up rocks and throwing them like daddy. We got a little crack showing in this picture!
jeff was throwing big rocks so that they would splash the kids. The kids reactions were so funny. Rustin would say oh gosh or what happened.The kids were wanting to play on the beach. So we took them when we were done in the boat.
Jeff Usually takes his day off on Wed. which makes it a nice day to go to the lake. Since we hate going on Sat. cause it is to crazy, way to many people. This week we took out jeffs sister her 3 little boys, Jeffs mom and brother also. We had a fun day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Crazy Mothers Day

So Jeff took me out Saturday night to Olive Garden. Well before we even got into the resturant I locked my keys in the car. The buzzer went of to let us know our table was ready. Jeff said just go in and I will figure out how I am going to get into the suburban. So 20 min later he comes to the table, I asked him did you get in he said don,t ask. A cop stopped him thinking he was stealing the car and asked for id and proof of ownership of the car. Crazy. Good thing I have a handdy hubby! Than we went to see What Happens in Vegas. It was a really good movie. We went home and starting at 12:30 til 7:00 the next morning I was throwing up. Ya I got food poison. Ya not so fun to be sick on mothers day. Jeff got it to but not bad so he was able to take care of me and Rustin.Thanks Jeff for the wonderful mothers day!