Monday, July 18, 2011

Random things we have been up to in May

The boys chillin playing games on the Ipad.
Brotherly love.
Love this picture! Stratt Loves his Daddy! Every time Jeff comes home from work Stratt gets a big smile on his faces and says Dadda!
Playing with dad.
Trying to practice and learn the whole walking thing! Not to sure I want to do this without you holding on is what I think he is thinking.

Mom save me!

My Sister Breanna had her baby boy Reed! Rustin was so excited to meet him for the 1st time and get to hold him. He is so cute He says!

Summer fishing trips with my Dad!

Mom this fish was huge!

Look what we caught! As Rustin would say oh ya baby!
Rustin and his dad have been enjoying fishing this summer! They have gone on many fishing trips to the lake on the fishing boat. Rustin has become quite the fisherman! He loves tagging along with dad and his buddies! He always has a story to tell when he get home!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stratt 11 Months Old

What Stratt has been up to.
Maddy and Stratt hagin out!
Mom I am ready for my 1st hair cut!
What is that?
Mom I am not so sure about this?
I am so dang cute!
Eating my first donut and I loved it! Yummy!
Getting tormented by my older brother.
Little boy learned how to throw a ball!
Look at my chubbs!
I know I say this every time but really where in the heck is time going. My little boy is almost a year and I hate to even think about it. I do love watching him grow and learn! He finally started to crawl or should I say army crawl. He is taking after is older brother. He is taking our finger and walking a little but not to much. He says mom dad and that is it for now. I am sure next month when he turns one after no more binki except for when he is sleeping he will talk more! I am learning to cherish every minute I have with my kids because it is a once on a life time thing and I do not want to miss anything!

Summer Swimming

Uncle Tanner is hanging out with us!
Both the boys just love love love swimming! They just want to be in the water all day! We have been doing a lot of swimming this summer since that is all there is to do outside when it is so hot.

Mowing The Grass

So Rustin Told his dad he wanted to help mow the lawns. He was getting the hang off it. The mower was still a bit heavy for him. He did a great job!
Funny things Rustin has said the past couple of weeks:

He has been seeing a lot of ladies breast feeding under there covers and he does not understand why they have to be covered? His aunt Breanna was down and she was at our house doing this with baby Reed and I told him to not lift the cover and he asked why again. So I explained to him remember the time you went to the dairy and you saw the baby cow drinking from his mom? What are those called that the baby drinks from I asked?He turned and looked at Breanna as his eyes got big and his mouth dropped and said you have utters!!!!! Ya pretty much she said!

Mom I am going on my mission to Louisiana this is where Jeff served or Paraguay. Babysitters brother is serving there now.

Mom you go to the gym so you do not get fat? Yes. If you get a fat tummy you will be pregnant with my baby sister!!!

Rustin is quite the character he is so funny and makes us laugh all the time. He as grown up so much. He loves to spend time with his dad right now. They have been doing a lot of fishing lately. We just love this boy so much!