Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Visit with the boys Great Grandparents (McBride's)

A Fun visit with Mcbride Grandparents.

Love it! Love him!
Watching the cows.enjoying the nice cooler weather.

Playing with Great Grandpa McBride.

Bath time.

The boys love their Great Grandpa McBride.

Melts my heart!

can't get much cuter then that..

The boys were watching Grandpa pulling out the gopher on the trap. The boys faces were priceless!

We set the gopher trap.

Going to see if we got our gopher.

Helping Grandpa water his trees.

Filling Great Grandpa Dale's boots!

Loves cars.

Picking some tomatoes from the garden.

We went for a much needed trip to see the boys great Grandpa and Grandma McBride. It had been way to long since we had made it up to Safford. We had such a fun and great weekend. The boys stayed busy and were so much entertainment to there grandparents!

@ weeks later another camping trip

Just playin.

Oh ya eating a cookie in the dirt.

Having the time of his life.

Eating for that is what you do when you are camping!
I guess we cannot get enough camping in!

Stratt 14 months old

Watch out everyone Stratt can move!
Love that face.

Oh, ya I am every where and I love it.

Up to no good.

In moms Esthetic cabinent. He loves pulling out the Q-tips.
Stratt is growing up really fast.
1.He finally started to walk on his own and could not be more happier. He is on the go and in to everything and I love every minute of it!
2. He is so into toy cars and motorcycles. He pushes the along the floor and makes a motor sound.
His new word is more, all done, night night, bye bye. He loves to say hi to everyone. Or he will wave good bye to you.
3.He throws fits and yells at you when he does not get his way. He has a strong personality just like his brother but yet they are different in other ways.
4.He loves to be out side so thank goodness it is finally cooling down.
5.He loves pretty much any kind of fruit or veggie. So far he is not a picky eater! I just cannot get enough of him!
6. When daddy comes home from work he gets so excited and yells Daddy!
7. When he gets excited about something he will shake his voice just like his brother did when he said nummies. Hard to explain but everyone who knows my boys knows what I am talking about!It makes you laugh every time
8. He loves his 2 blankets that have a silky side and a soft furry side. He has to have it when he sleeps right along with the binky. He only has the binky when he sleeps now! It might be a tuff one to break.
It makes you laugh every time!

Life would not be the same with out this boy!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ward camp out

Camping camping and more camping!

I am happy I got my breakfast.

Pacheco family and Overson Family. Breakfast time.

Getting back from swimming and playing at the stream
Well there was going to be a ward camp out and it got cancelled because there was going to be lots of rain. So they said. Well we decided and a few other families decided to go any ways. Well it sprinkled maybe for 30 min. the whole time we were there. We had great weather and a great time!

Camping fun

This is what we saw on the way to our camp site. THere was a huge bear hunt going on.

Rustin wanted to get up there with that bear and take a picture. He was not scared.
Oh man no good to much rain and hail. I have never seen it rain so hard.

We packed up after it stopped raining and went to a better camp site with more grass crazy.

Boys relaxing in the trailer. We got rained out for a couple of hours.

Taken a ride with dad.

Stratt slipped and got his 1st fat lip.

Kids having fun around the fire. (Rustin Sariah and Kennedy)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stratt 13 months

They are both growing up.

Stratt is enjoying pushing his big brother around the house!

Big brother is loving this.

Taking pictures of this little bug!
He melts me!

MMM that was good.
He is loving every bit!

Making a mess.
Having fun with Mee.
This kid knows what he wants and has now started to throw little tantrums if he does not get his way! Oh boy it has started.Still not walking on his own Just want your hand or finger. All he wants to do is walk. So that means I get nothing done because where am I walking walking walking with a little guy by my side. It will pass so I just do it because it makes him so happy!

Rustin 1st spelling test

I was so very proud of him for getting 100% So far he has had 5 spelling test and has got 100% on four and miss spelled one word on one! Super job!

Stratt having fun with Macey

Some pool fun with my friend.

He had us all in tears from laughing so hard at the way he decided to get out.
What is this! Well it is just dang cute!