Saturday, May 30, 2009


So this might get a little long I was not going to write about all this but I want to journal about our little trials that have been thrown our way. Jeff and I have been trying to get pregnant for just shy of 2 years now. We were so excited to tell our family on this past thanksgiving that we were expecting our second child. Well it did not end up happening like that. A few days before Thanksgiving I lost the baby I was 2 months along. I was scheduled for a d&c but my body decided to go into labor that night and I delivered the baby on my own. Ya not so fun women should not have to go through that. It is like having a baby with no epideral. Jeff was such an amazing support and gave me a blessing right before I delivered the little one. What an amazing blessing and literally right after he gave me the blessing the pain started to go away thank goodness. The power of blessings are amazing and I am so blessed to have that priesthood in my home. So after all that I strungled with emotion but knew I just needed to pick myself up and try again. So here we go again of course jeff loves to try. Sorry babe I had to put that in! Anyways you got to joke to make things a little brighter. Ok so we got pregnant again in Feb. and were so excited but nervous and the same time. Oh for sure we won't loose this baby, well yes it happened again I lost this one too I was about 5 weeks along. So at this point Jeff and I were just very sad and could not believe it happened again. My body had enough physicaly and emotionaly At this point I felt like I was put on this roller coaster. Happy sad happy sad pain comfort pain comfort, it was so crazy my mind and body were just done. I was not sure if I even wanted to try again. I know I will see these 2 little ones again some day but it still is not easy. Well I started to see a fertility specialist and he found out my problems 1st I already knew I had endometriosis and should have gotten surgery for it along time ago. Well the doc. found out through blood work that I can not support a pregnancy on my own because my progestrone is way to low. So when I do get pregnant I will have to get progestrone shots or take it vaginal yuk but what ever will work. I also have low thyroid. Wow I am 26 and I feel like I am falling apart. So anyway Doc. says to me you need to have the laparocopy surgery done before trying again. So I went home to talk to jeff got another blessing from my dad with Jeff and my brother inlaw Will. In the blessing it said I needed to have trust in the Doctor and alot of other good stuff. We decided we would try one more month and if nothing then plan for surgery. Well ya did not get prego so we scheduled the surgery for may 26th. I have known I needed to get this surgery. i thought I was going to need to get it the 1st time we started to try to have a child. It took 11 months but we were succesful and had Rustin. Well we have not been to succesful the second or third go around. On may 26 they wheeled me in to operate they were going to do a laparoscopy and go in laser off the endo and what ever else they found. they did a tubal flush and a D&C major clean out huh! I was a little scared since this was my first time going under the knife but I had recieved a blessin the night before from my wonderful hubby my father inlaw tedd and my brother inlaw Mike and when ever recieving a blessing it helps in so may ways. Surgery went well it was 2 hours long and after I came to the doc. came in and Jeff. The doc showed me pictures of my insides and told me that the endo was a 3.5 and 4 is the worst it can get so the endo is really bad and he also found 2 cycts on my right ovary. He said you have a 40-50% chance of getting pregnant now since it is so bad. IWhen he said that I was like what I thought it was going to be all gone and I was going to be good as new. Well I guess that was not the case. He wanted me to go on this premenopasual medication for 6 months to get the endo iunder control. I don't won't to do that I said so my other option is as soon as I start my next cycle is to go in and do some fertility shots. So that is what I am going to do. I know through going through all of this that nothing is in our hands it's all in the lords hands. So this is where it gets hard for me. I have to just not worry which is very difficult for me I like every thing in my life just so and I am finding out real quick that sometimes it is out of your hands. I am puttting all my faith a trust in the lord now and what ever happens happens and I will be ok with. I am just going to think positive and we will see what the out come will be. I am so greatful for all these trials I have been delt and for the blessings that we have recieved through them. I am so very greatful for my amazing husband who does so much for me and our son. I am also greatful for my sweet son Rustin and for the joy and happiness he brings to our family. I am so greatful I have been able to experience motherhood and the blessings it has brought to me. I am so greatful to have a heavenly father who loves me and knows my every needs. I am ready for what ever happens. I am blessed for my life and enjoy every minute of it!I hate getting an Iv They never can find my veins but this nurse was amazing! Jeff said after they gave me the 1st drugs that make you a little loopy he was messing with me and said I was laughing at everything but I do not remember. To bad we did not video tape it! It might have been scary or just funny! I will post the pictures of the inside of my stomach when I get them scaned in. They show the endometreosis and the cycts. They are kinda gross!

Friday, May 29, 2009

holiday weekend camping at the lake

So I will have to explain this picture since my camera did not have enought juice to do video. Underneath the purple sand toy there is a frog we caught for Rustin. Well this frog was not stupid a decided he was going to hop, well when he hopped he would lift the sand toy up off the ground each time. So you have to use your emagination a little we were all laghing so hard watching this frog hopp with this bucket on top of him. It looked like something out of a movie. Beeze did video it and when I get it I will post it. To Funny
These little deer were hanging out right above where we were camped.
These are some fun toys called wind surfung baords that Jeff picked up on vraigs list for free. These are a big hit when ever we take them to the lake. They look easy but trust me you will fall a few times before getting the hang of it!
Rustin having fun with his Howell girls!
Rustin cruisin in the tube!
She caught it!
Rustin playing with Candy trying to have her do a trick with a treat and she did it. Rustins loves dogs there always his buddy!
So we decided to get the heck out of town and enjoy our selfs with some friends up a roosevelt lake. We had so much fun and are excited to go again!

Fathers & Sons

having fun throwing rocks in the little stream. Just having fun being a boy!
Here is Rustin and some of his buddies from the ward the Allen brothers. They were having fun playing in the tree house.
So Jeff got to take Rustin to his 1st Fathers & Sons outing since he has been potty trained. Rustin had so many boys to play with. Uncle Tanner even went with them. It was such a nice break for me as a mom. I got to do my own thing shop and clean my house with no kid!

summer swim lessons

I think we need to get a pool!
So Rustin got put in time out in swim lessons . ever heard of that? Rustin just wants to swim and not wait for his turn. So that was what he got for not listneing.
He loves to jump off pretty much anything into the pool!
So I have some catching up to do so Rustin started swim lessons the 1st part of may and ended the last part of May. Can you all guess that yes Rustin loved every minute of it. He is a dang fish and no fear wich could be good and bad.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fundraiser For Baby Ellery McBride

As Some of you already know my brother Caleb & sister inlaw Shelley started their sweet family a few months ago back in September. Much to their surprise, their little girl "Ellery" came 35 weeks premature. She was diagnosed as having a chromosone deletion in her 9th chromosome resulting in a congeital heart defect called Tetraology of Fallot. They have had many trails, and have been in and out of the hostpital since the day Ellery was born. My friend Cami has been so kind, she has made a blog with there "story" on it. There is a link to the right of my blog or you can go to, and read their story. Because she whas been in the hostpital for most of her fragile life, she has had to lay flat. This resulting in her head flattening out. I am trying to get the word out so they can raise enough money to get Ellery a little helmet to reshape her head. So spread the word everyone please and thank you! They have an account set up at Bank of America under "Ellery K. McBride benefit account," No account number need.

We will be holding a fundraiser to raise money for the Mcbride family, @ Habit salon on Saturday June 6th. So please let me know if you are interested:) (We will be doing haircuts,Brow waxing & lip waxing I'm not sure the cost yet, sorry) we are in the beginning stages of planning. Also we are trying to put a raffle together for that day. If anyone is intersted in donating any items or services to be raffled off please let me know Chelsea Brandon (480)-241-5820. There will be more info to come! I will keep you all posted. You can also get updates on my friend Cami's blog