Monday, December 28, 2009

Guess What We Are Having?

So today we went in for one of my Appointments and I am 15 weeks pregnant. I told my doctor so do you think we will be able to see what it its today. He responded we just might. So he started looking and he said well it looks like a boy but let me get a better angle so he pushed on my stomach to get the baby to move and exactly like Rustin it had both legs wide open and there was the thing hanging, if you don't already get it. WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BOY! We can not be more excited Jeff says see I only produce boys. I say whatever. I had said I would love to experience having a girl but I really do not care what we were having I am just so happy to be able to have another child! All you who said it was a girl because I have been sick now know even though you feel different with a pregnancy it can still be the same sex! Rustin is so very excited and has already said my baby brother can play with my toys and can he sleep with me! Yeah for Boys everyone is having them right now!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day!

We had a fun filled December. We are kinda glad it is over but will be here soon enough next year! We hope all are friends and family had a great Christmas and hope all has a wonderful New Year.
jeff picked my dad and he ordered the big hunter an Ulu knife!
I picked my mom this year for secret santa. I made her a magnet board and she loved it!
The day after Christmas we did a Christmas get together with the Mcbride side. We opened gifts and ate another prime rib dinner! I think we are all prime ribbed out! I even came home not feeling well and threw up another nice dinners. Nights are the worse for this pregnant lady! We enjoyed the day at my parents! My uncle Harry came down and My Mcbride Grandparents. We had fun!
Rustin brought his car to play with his cousins, they both got cars too. Rustin did pretty good considering he has one bum hand and arm.
Rustin was so excited to get a leapster from Poppie and mee! He already has so much fun playing it, he is getting the hang of it.
Jeff's grandpa Mack made these for us. He is very talented! Thanks pops.

Stocking time. mee and poppie fill the kids stockings every year!
After we were all done opening and having fun with all our Christmas gifts we headed on over to Jeff's parents house for some more Christmas fun!We had a yummy breakfast there and another yummy prime rib dinner!
I really have 2 kids soon it will be 3!
Oh yeah!
Another toy Rustin wanted a camera. He alway wants to take pictures ever since we took our family pictures!
Dad and Rustin got new slippers.
This was one of the toys that Rustin kept asking Santa for a remote control car. Every time he opened a present he would say thank you Santa. So dang cute!
Oh ya Rustin gets his guns!
Jeff's little beauty!
So Jeff got his toy a gun from Mrs. Clause! Can you tell he is so excited!
The 2 kids peeking over the loft at all the gifts!
Here it all is before it got torn into the next morning!
So we had a busy Christmas week. Christmas Eve night our new neighbors invited to have a prime rib dinner. How could we pass that up so we did and played some ripple my nipple. If you have not played we will have to teach you don't be afraid it's not what you think. We had a fun night. Well then we were done and we put Rustin down and brought out all the gifts and put them under the tree! Then the fun began the next morning!

Ginger bread house & zoo lights

So Jeff's parents wanted to take all the grand kids to the zoo lights this year. We went the day before Christmas eve and everyone else had the same idea. We waited in a car line for about 30 min. then a people line for about 30 min. Yes we all felt like a heard of animals there were just so many people and it was a wee bit cold. We did have some fun, but we can say we have done it once don't need to do it again! Thanks Mee and Poppie! Rustin enjoyed it!The huge line to get in. Not fun we stood in it for about 30 min. The whole time I thought I was going to throw up man this pregnancy is throwing me for a loop. Well I held it in until we got home and then it all came out. I thought I was getting over the trow up stage last week but I guess not! The joys I am still excited to have another little one!
Rustin all bundled up chilling in the stroller waiting to get into the zoo!
Tedd,Jeff and rustin watching people ride the camels.
Jeff and Rustin having fun on their ride!

Hawk,Sawyer and Rustin having so much fun putting together and eating the candy as they go to the ginger bread house!Rustin loves his buddies!

The 3rd cast What?

It's green now! Rustin has a magic cast it changes colors like every week. No I wish that was the case. I guess the good thing out of Rustin getting his cast changed out is every time it starts to stink he gets a new one nice for mom!
So I snapped a picture when they took off his cast.It looks a lot better then what it did in the ER. it still is coming out to theleft side a little but it will heal with time.
So yes after just four days of having is second cast put on I called the doctor and told him again Rustin's fingers are inside the cast again? So we were headed back to get another cast and re-set it agian.When we got in to see the doc he called Rustin houdini. I am not to sure that it is him I think the guy who is casting it is not doing a good job? Really Rustin was not happy he was trying to get out of the bed as the doctor was doing it. Rustin has had enough with the doctor pulling a squeezing is arm. He told the doc. quit hurting me! He was excited to pick another color though, green for Christmas instead of red. So it has been blue,green,and now red I just glad it has not been pink if you know what I mean!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The casts

The second cast red!
So this is cast #1 blue!
So 2 days after Rustin had broke his arm, he decides he does not need his soft cast any more.What is a mother to do with her child? I was in the kitchen cleaning and he was sitting on the couch watching his cartoons. I looked over from the kitchen at him and looked down at his arm looked at it again and said to myself that is the arm he broke but where is the soft cast. Well it was laying in a pile on the couch. I screamed and said Rustin you took of your big band-aid well his response to me was I do not need it anymore! Ya right I said thinking to myself again we are going to have to go back in they are going to have to put him back under and reset it. I was all stressed. I called the orthopedic mind you he was not going to get Rustin into a hard cast until the following Tuesday almost a week away. Well the DR. said just put the soft cast back on, I said ok I hope I do it right. Well they got him in on Thursday 2 days after he took it off. Yes they did have to reset it again and put a hard cast on. I hated to see him cry again from them having to reset it again but relieved he was going to be in a hard cast. We went back a week later for x-rays and the Dr. said we are going to have to reset the bone again and re-cast it. What reset it again? I knew they were probably going to have to re-cast because the swelling went down and his thumb was almost all the way inside the cast you could barley see it but reset it. He said yes it has moved since the swelling went down. So here we go again poor Rustin I told him they were not going to hurt him this time, I felt like I lied to him. Needless to say he was not happy. Rustin got to pick out another color for his new cast and he picked red for Christmas. So we go back in another 2 weeks and I really hope the bones stay where they need to. Rustin told me mom I don't want them to squeeze or pull on my bones any more! Breaks my heart! So we will see what happens. To be continued!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Broken Arm

There is a smile!
Rustin was a little drugged up!
Rustin's Nonnie(my mom) and my nanna came over to visit Rustin and brought him a bag of goodies. They included an apple and carrots so he can get strong good laughs!

Dang You some times think oh that will never happen! Well it did to Rustin. We went up for the weekend to Snow Flake to see my sisters son Chance get baptized well Saturday all the kids were playing and I guess Rylie Jessica's daughter was playing with Rustin on her bed and she was putting his stomach up on her legs like super man and was pushing him. Well one time I guess it the push was a little hard and he fell off the bed. The force and the landing broke his wrist in 2 places. He came down the hall screaming so bad I thought he was going to pass out. So I was trying to figure out what happened. I took off his shirt looked down at his wrist and sorry but I said shit! Lets go to the ER! So the fun night began. We had to drive to showlow that was the closest hostpital We got there no wait thank goodness cause this boy was not happy in a lot of pain and very scared to go to the hostpital. They got us back and began exrays he hated that. Then the doc came in and gave us the news. The Doc took us to see the xrays and explaind that they were going to have to put him under cause they need to reposition the bone so put it back where it is supposed to be. So we went in and the hard part began. They pinned him down to give him 2 big shots in the muscle of both his legs. Then the oxygen in his nose which he was flipping out at this point not happy at all. It was killing jeff and I to see this happening we felt so helpless. The drug started working but not enough he was fighting it. he kept screaming out Daddy Mommy and reaching for us. At that point both Jeff and I lost it. You heart just broke you wish you could take all the pain away. All we could do is sit watch and try to comfort him.So the 3rd shot worked a little so they were going to proceed. Well Jeff and my brother Hunter left the room. So it was me. I sat there held his hand and looked away. I heard Rustin scream and a loud pop as they pulled on it to put it in place. I just cried. The hard part was over. They put a splint on and a sling. Now it was time for him to wake up. That was probably the best part. He acted like he was drunk. He would say Daddy, Mommy with a big grin and big eyes and just reach for us. Then he would stutter saying where where ammmmmmm IIIIIIIIII really slow or what what happened? Then he would look at Jeff and say what happened to your eyes. Not sure what he was seeing. Mom you turned into and alien. Or I got a big band-aid on my arm. I can feel my bones. Look I got a band-ais on my leg. all this as he saying it just picture him drunk! Then the nurse gave him stickers and he says like he is drunk with the facial expresions stickers real slow. You would of had to have been there. Then they had these stickers over the lights and it looked like the ocean with tons of fish. So he looked up and said . The fissssshhhhhh are swimming. Anyways it was so much better to see him happy and not crying. Well he came to enough that they could let us go. So they gave us all his meds and a bowl for throw up just in case. they said some times the meds we gave him to put him out will cause his stomach not to feel so well. So off we went at 1:30 am to drive back to Queen creek. Rustin did pretty good on the way home he was so worn out. My brother was going to stay awake to help Jeff but he fell asleep so I stayed awake. You know that bucket they gave us for Rustin to throw up in well he did not use it I did. This pregnancy is a rough one. So I am glad they gave it to us so I could use it. Well we made it home about 4:15 am and hoped it one not be to rough for the rest of the night with the boy! He did pretty good. He has been doing pretty good since then. He is in some pain but them gave him some drugs to help they just make him sleepy. We go to the doc today so we will keep everyone posted on what happens. They said they should not have to do surgery since they got it back pretty close where it should be. Lets cross our fingers. He will get a cast in the next couple of days that will make it easier! Sorry for the long winded post.I will try to get the pictures from our phone that were taken at the ER!