Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stratt 2 months old

They still love each other!
We pulled out the your play matt. You are happy for 5-10 min and then you have had enough.
This is how mom gets ready. Blow dry hair and bounce you with one foot. I am getting pretty talented.
Rustin wanted to help feed his little brother. He did a great job.
1st time @ the pool. We did not even put the little guy in the water. It was a little cold that day. He still loved hearing the water though! Rustin loved getting out and swimming!

Stratt's cute faces!
So our little guy is growing up fast! At his 2 month Doctors Appt. these were his results.

Weight- 13.5 86 percentile
length - 23 in. 51 percentile
head - 16 in 80 percentile

So he is not showing he is as big as his older brother yet. Rustin was always in the 90th percentile for hieght and weight.

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