Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1st day at Preschool

Rustin could not be more excited to start another year of preschool. He has been going a little crazy with having a little baby brother. Rustin likes to always be on the go. Every night he asks what are we doing tomorrow. Where are we going or who is coming over. Then in the morning he asks the sam questions! How exciting for mom to have to repeat herself all the time! You will tell him what we are doing for the day then he will ask well what are we doing after that. As if we do not have enough going on. He is always wanting to do and go more! He is busy! He is such a joy to have in our family!

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Spencer and Hilary said...

Haha Chelsea that is so funny! We miss you guys, we'll be down for Thanksgiving, let's go to dinner or something k!