Thursday, September 23, 2010

1st waxing!

So Jeff wanted me to wax his eye brows the other day and Rustin asked his daddy if it hurt and he said yes. Well Rustin was watching and said mom I want you to wax my eyebrow. Jeff said no it hurts he said no it does'nt dad! He kept asking for me to do it so I did. It was so dang funny. I did his first brow and he started laughing and then said that hurts! Well he said I don't want the other one done. I said we have to do the other one and we were able to get both done. He said ya dad that does hurt. We were all laughing. I swear he is such a funny kid. He makes us laugh all the time with things he says or does! We love you Rustin!


Lexi said...

That is hilarious! And I loved that you dressed Stratt in girl stuff! Ha ha!

Cassy Taylor said...

Brian would divorce me if I did either of those things to our boys! Ha ha! I can't believe you got Rustin to do both brows even after experiencing the pain of one. What a goofball!

Brandi said...

Now that's funny.