Thursday, December 8, 2011

October California trip

California Fun!

Crazy birds were all over the bread the boys took out to feed them! They had no fear.
Someone is getting tossed in the ocean!

Loved the sand.

Enjoyed running. We ate a little to many seaside donut holes!
We took our beach cruisers and had so much fun taking them out on rides.
The girls are going out with there boys. We got a sitter! A fun night out!
The kids enjoyed the hot tub on the top of the beach house!

Rustin loves all the rides.
Stratt enjoying a churro!
Going to have some disney fun!
Having fun in the waves.
He was in a daze watching and listening to the sounds of the ocean.
Having fun with my man.
Who is that cute boy!
Talon, Rustin and Stratt.
having fun in the sand.
Lets go for a ride.
Little studd.
Fun times at the beach!
We had another fun trip to the beach house in Cali with the Roit's!

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