Friday, December 9, 2011

Infected lymph node

Pictures did not show really how big it was.

Rustin Woke up the day before Thanksgiving with this huge swollen ball on the side of his neck. He said it hurt so bad. He would not even let us touch it. So i took him in to our friend Ryan who is a chiropractor and he said it was not a muscle and that you need to take him to see his doctor. S we took him in and the doctor asked if he had been sick. No I said the only thing is he had a small sore in his nose. I put some ointment on it and it seemed to have gotten better. He looked at it and said the sore turned into a staff infection and has spread to his lymph node. Crazy. He told me it can be serious but I think we caught it in the early stages. so he may not need to go to carden's childrens hospital. Yikes. He said we will need to give him an antibiotic shot now then put him on an antibiotic. He warned me the shot was big a painful. Oh great. So the nurse came in and Rustin did not know he was getting a shot and when she put it in his leg he was not so happy. It was a long couple of days keeping an eye on if the swelling was going down so we did not have to go to the hospital. Well all the meds did there job and everything looks good and no hospital! Crazy freak thing.

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