Thursday, December 8, 2011

My boys!

* Is loving school and learning so much. He catches on pretty fast.
*lost his 1st tooth.
*Loves going fishing with his dad.
*Loves being a big brother.

Stratt 16 months
*He loves to eat!
*is connected at his dads hip. wants to be by his side at all times. Daddy's boy!
*can throw some serious fits if he does not get his way!
*Loves to play with his brother or other kids.
*Loves going on bike rides. You say the word and he runs to the garage door.
*does not sit still to watch any thing on TV unless it is princess and the frog or dispicable me.
* Hass all his teeth except for his 2 year molars.

My boys are busy busy busy and keep me on my feet!
They love there daddy and reading bed time books!

I think he found what he wanted.
He loves the pantry! He sees something he wants he gets it!

Jeff put stratt in the dryer? Crazy Dad!

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