Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stratt 9 months

Brothers taking a bath.
This boy loves the water by the time I am done bathing him I am soaking wet myself and I am not even in the bath. He loves to splash!
So cute!
I got me some chompers!
Jeff got Stratt and I a Wee Ride and We both love it. We better enjoy the bike rides now before it gets to hot!

He loves his swing.
This is how we roll so mommy can get ready!
The months keep passing by way to fast. Slow down my son! Stratt is still not crawling he rolls to where he wants to go. He has 6 teeth now just one after the other. He can wave and give you a high five. Or you say hey and he puts is arm and hand up high! So dang cute!
Stratt 10 month Statts.
Weighs 21.12 77.47 %tile
Height 28.5 77-47 %tile
head 19 inches 98%tile

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