Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rustin's 5th Birthday

Justin and Tabetha surprised Rustin with a birthday cake after his game.
We took Rustin to San Tan Flats for his Birthday dinner. He love sgoing there.
Eating a pickle.
This is why he loves coming to this place.
He has gotten the roasting marshmallow thing down.
Oh I just want to eat him he is so handsome.
My big boy.
Our little family.
The castle cake was awesome thanks to Cassy!
The bounce castle was a hit!
Having fun going down the slide.
Trying to get the dang candles to light it was windy.

Stratt even got some ice cream thanks to Poppie!
This kid loves opening presents!
Our Birthday boy!
Rustin turned 5 I can not believe it! He is my big boy. He is such a joy to have in our family. He is such a funny kid. He acts a lot older for his age. He has done very well in Pre school and is so ready for kindergarten next year. I can not believe it. He is very social loves to play with his friends. He gets along with just about any kid he is like a big teddy bear!
Rustin's 5 year statts

Weight 46.5 lb 83.74%tile

Height 44 in 83.74 %tile

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