Sunday, May 8, 2011

Camping Trip April 2011

He was having fun playing in the dirt and rocks. A little boys favorite play ground!

What is this thing?

Rustin and Jeff caught the crawdad and I caught a minnow!

Oh ya I got a fish.
Rustin caught him a fish!
This is the camping life!
Stratt and his buddy Slade hanging out.
Kennedy,Rustin and Sawyer having fun at the stream.
Kennedy and Rustin hanging out in the motor home.
We had so much fun going camping With our friends Heather and Doug and there kids Cris and Chance and there kids Shireen and brett there kids, Justin and Tabetha and there little girl. We went to bear flats. The kids had so much fun playin in oak creek. Rustin would play so hard every day we were there that he would come tell us at night mom dad I am tired I want to go to bed. He crashed every night fast.

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Andréa Morrow said...

seriously..isn't it the best when they tell us they want to go to bed :)