Sunday, August 23, 2009

What the heck!

So we were asleep and it was abot 2am when I thought I heard a loud crash but though maybe I was dreaming it. I sat up and ask Jeff if he heard something and he said yes. So he went down stairs to see if all the doors and windows were still locked and intact and they were. He came back upstairs and said I have no idea what it was. So we went back to bed. The next morning I was doin laudry and I went upstairs to put some towels away in my office and this is what I found! I was not happy about this at all. The guy who installed it was the guy who biult it and I told him it will need to be mounted in the wall with heavy duty stuff cause I will be putting alot of weight on it. Well I trusted that he did and come to find out. The screws that he put in were little skinny dry wall screws that ended up snapping in half because there was alot of weight on the shelf.What was he thinking I have know idea. But I marched my little butt to Home Depot and took care of some bussiness and got what I needed so it would be up there on the wall for good! That was not fun cleaning up that mess!

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Tye & Tara Thompson Family said...

Happy Birthday Chelsea! I hope you had a good day. I was relieved to see some one didn't break into your house.