Wednesday, August 12, 2009

4th of july camping trip

We are all lined up and ready to go on a ride!
Rustin is trying to catch some bugs!
The story behing the big black crow in the toilet. All the boys wanted and tried to shoot one of these blasted crows that would make lots of noise to early in the morning. Any way the crows were very smart like they knew when you had a gun. Well Will was the one to kill one. He decided to play a joke on the smith family and put it in the toilet of there trailer. Well Melissa was the one who pulled her pants down to go to the bathroom and just about sat on the big ugly thing and she screamed! It was funny!
This was a house or cave what ever you want to call it. A man got in a fight some where in AZ lost an eye from the fight came up here dug this cave by hand and became a hermit he also dug himself a water well kinda crazy huh. We did not know that until a rancher came up the hill and told us the story. What a life to live like that.

The kids were enjoing the rides!
We took a little family picture up on top of this mountian that over looked the forest.
Aughust and Sam decided it would be fun to jump there toys and it was so funny and crazy! Boys will be boys. All the girls and kids jumped out so they could be nuts!
So Rustin decided oh ya you guys can jump it well so can I. The kids Chance Riley and Rustin were having so much fun running and jumping the jump on foot!
Rustin on the trail ride holding is favorite toy which was Mary Smiths Dog Milee he never wanted to leave her sight. On the other hand Milee would hide from him ever chance she could get!
this is Jason Smith he is a nut!
So we would go on trail rides pretty much all day long. Well we kinda took the short cut back and the dirt bikes were not street legal so we kept them between us ans Aughust and Melissa on the highway back to camp. It was a little adventure!
So it has been a while since I have updated the blog. So I am starting now. Don't mind all the new posts in a row. We decided to get the heck out of the heat and join my family and some friends for a camping trip up Past Strawberry. We had lots of fun1


August and Melissa said...

That was so fun!

susana said...

The trip was so fun nice photography....
thanks for share.0...
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