Wednesday, August 12, 2009

24th of july cabin fun!

So my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lesa McBride invited us up to their caban up in Alpine we went up for the Luna New Mexico july 24th pioneer days and rodeo. We had so much fun and enjoyed the cool Temps and the rain. On Sunday we stopped on our way home to vistit and stay the night with Jessica Sam and their kids we had a great trip!
I love these pictures of Rustin with the lake and the clouds reflecting off of it.
This guy pitched Rustins finger and would not let go he did he was not to happy about that. The guys got him off of his finger and he was fine and back at catching them again.
Some of the crawfish we caught. at the end of it all we had about 50 of these guys. The kids were having a blast catching them!
Rustin and his cousin Fishin.
So my Aunt Lisa made Jeff put this guy on his pants and me pose next to him!Funny Funny!
Fishing with dad with a snake around my neck.
So this was the july 24th carnaval. The kids had to throw the ball at the red thing and it would drop the kid on top into the water and that water was cold. It was pretty neat Rustin loved to do it.
Smal town boys decided to be their own kind of parade float!
These people are Dick and Helen they are Mary Smiths parents they have had a ranch in Alpine for years so they are always apart of the parade. They live down in gilbert.
Waiting patietly for the Luna New Mexico July 24th pioneer day parade to start they throw lots of candy so the kids can't wait!
This is a friend of mine Dallin Hulsey He rides broncs all over the world. The Hulsey family owns a ranch up in Luna they are a great family and it was good to meet up with them it's been along time since I have seen any of them.
Oh ya those are hot! Rustin got these at the Luna parade.
Too much excitment for one day. He was ou to the world.
Rustin and his cousin Ridge got to be inthe rodeo and do the egg toss they did pretty good but the egg cracked on Ridge.
So cute father and son. My 2 boys!
Me and my buddy watching the action from the fence line! my mom asked me when we got home so did watching the rodeo make you want to get out there and compete. i said yes I miss it a lot. Some of you may and may not know yes I rode as a teenager anf competed in some rodeos and other events. It was so much fun!
Move out of the way cowboy!
Oh I am a true Luna cowboy folded ears when the hats on and all. The ladies want me!
The hit game at the cabin was the Mexican train. oh ya baby come on ride the train. It is such a fun game we stayed up late and would play it and also during the day. No one could get enough we were edicted!

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