Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun Fun Lake Trip!

We went to the lake and took our neighbors Bryan and Melissa. My sister Breanna and Will. Ryan and Kendra our other neighbors were going to go until there air went out at there building. We missed them. That just gives us another excuse to plan another trip. We always have fun taking people out with us!
Rustin and his best bud our neighbor Bryan. He loves bryan!
Will, Breanna and Rustin. Rustin was so excited to have Them all go on the boat with us. He loves his aunt and soon to be uncle!
Jeff Rustin and Bryan out having fun on the tube!
Bryan was out there showing us all up.
Wills 2nd time wake boarding and he did great!
Go Breanna!
So jeff had the itch to get out there and wake board. He was watching bryan and that made him want to go. He has not been out on a wake board since he broke his back! Of course he throws out his back while out there. He has not strenghtend his back enough to do the wake boarding thing. He thought he could get out there and do all the crazy flips and stuff he used to do before.So any ways Jeff was down flat on his back for a coupe days after that. It brought back bad memories for me.
The two love birds. Breanna and Will are getting married on Aug. 8th. They are so fun and so cute together!
Melissa Rustin and I just chillin in the boat. Rustin is crashed out. He had a long fun day for such a little boy!


Scott, Tiff, Talon, & Tylie said...

Super fun! JEFFERY YOU BETTER BE CAREFUL!!!! We are so in next time just lemme know. P.S. Rusty we are so proud of you for pooin' on the toilet! Such a big boy!

dan and ashley said...

i saw your mom's car at the place we got married and only one thing happens there! so i figured your little sis was getting hitched- yea for her!

Brittney said...

Oh man I would be more than happy to accompany you on a boat trip:) I remember Jeff taking a bunch of people to the lake quite a few times! I havent been out in yrs!!! sad huh? It looks like you guys had so much fun!