Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another fun lake trip

We all had such a fun day! Thanks for coming everyone!
Ok so the boys are showing off there muscles I guess. Well hunter might be skinny but i think he wins!Just before climbing up that rock they jumped into some pretty cold lake water by the back of canyon and I think Colten won for screaming the highest pitched scream for a guy!
The boys doing some more cliff jumping at the end of canyon lake.
Oh ya dad Wrecked on his jamin John ski!That looks like it hurts!
So here is my dad he can clear the wake on his jamin john ski. His ski is named after his friend. If we have the wake just right I love it. It was funny we had boats that were stopping to watch him go. He went out with a bang thoughh. Poor guy wrecked really hard.

All the boys decided to go cliff jumping.
Feeding the ducks some chips. Rustin loves when the ducks come to the boat. We have to make sure we bring something to feed to them.
My dad and Rustins Grandpa. So everyone always aks where does Rustin get his red tinted hair. well there you go it's from my wonderful father!Rustin was enjoying swimming in the lake he was mad when we took him out.
Swimming with his daddy!
This little boy can't get enough of the lake he loves it!
Here is my other little brother Hunter. They were getting some air!
We took my family to the lake. We had a very fun time together. It was fun to see every one ski or wake board. It is always fun to see my dad get out there and ski. He skis like no other person I know. We love watching him.Here is my little brother Colten. He has gotten good at wake boarding.


August and Melissa said...

Looks like you had fun! Did you go camping this weekend with the family?

dan and ashley said...

so i have to tell you- i was working on thursday and the girl i work withs client came in and was saying she just got a facial she gets talking and i over hear her saying chelsea and potty training her little boy so i had to ask her who she sees! and sure enough i said chelsea brandon?!- it was Marguerite! i just saw your sis in law's preg- that's exciting!

Taylor Family said...

Hey Chels. Now you have a link to my post. Your lake trip looked fun. Later!