Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of july!

Jeff and the guys were lighting of some big fire works that we got last year in New Mexico. The little boys did not like those ones so much. We had so much fun at our neihbors Kendra and Ryans house for the 4th. We did a BBQ. Lots of good food and fun!
Playing with sparklers and proof of Rustin trying on and walking around in girls shoes!
Here is the guys jeff scott ryan and brian.

Rusty,Taylon & Tyes playing in the hot tub!


Brandi said...

Love the hot tub picture. Looks like you had fun..

Lexi said...

Oh Rustin and his shoes, I really don't think I will ever forget that about him! And about the potty training stuff, Kylee refused to go #2 on the toilet until like 6 months after she was potty trained. She would ask for a diaper and I would give it to her and it worked fine until one day Bryce got fed up and made her go on the toilet. But she did it alot easier the second time around, I have no idea why though!

Scott, Tiff, Talon, & Tylie said...

I need to get the picture from Kendra of you me and Tylie I'm bumbed that I didn't take more pics! Fun night though I must say!

Paul Hobby Hangar said...

Hey Jeff, You have a beautiful family.
This is Paul at the Hobby Shop and I have been trying to reach you. I hope you receive this and call me at 480-899-1064 or home 480-361-8737. Take care man.

dan and ashley said...

is someone in your family getting married????

Jenny Lynn said...

Looks like your 4th was super fun. It was so good to see you guys a couple weeks ago. We really need to see eachother more than we do, we miss you guys. I'm sorry we didn't get to chat more that night. I actually wasn't feeling to hot and we ended up going home early and going strait to bed! I was totally out of it. Lets go out soon though!