Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Trip to Snow Flake

Nana did'nt like to see Rustin sick. But she loved that when he was sick she was able to hold him longer than two seconds.

Rustin thought he could fit into Riley's baby doll stroller. I think he is a wee bit to big, but he did not care!
Rustin liked to find there cat. He even got bit the night we got there by the kitty.
So we decided last weekend to go finally see my sister Jessica's new home in Snow Flake. It was just a girl trip. My mom me and my nana and Rustin came. It was so nice to be able to visit. I just wish we could of done a little more Rustin got sick and I got sick the night we got home. It was not a fun one. It nocked us on our butts for about a week. We are on our way to getting better thank goodness jeff did not get it.

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Garcia's said...

That was nice of you to go visit your sister. It is fun to visit family. Sorry to hear that you guys were sick. It is no fun being sick. Glad to hear your all better.