Sunday, April 20, 2008

here is our home sweet home Grandpa and Grandma Mack

these are pictures for Grandpa and Grandma Mack that they wanted to see.So that is part of our home in order to see the rest you have to come down and visit us. We love and miss you guys!
This is the fun and very nice back yard that your grandson Jeff put in. You should be very proud of him. I don't think there is anything this boy can't do. I love it!

The family room and yeah we have to have more toys down there to!
The Kitchen.
This is the living room I just got my mirror re finished so we were able to finally put it up after about 4 months and I finally got the buffet I wanted.

This is the loft or I should say Rustin's play room. He has got so many toys!
Rustin's fun little Bathroom.

This is my office for my bussiness. I have made into my own little room!So Grandma when you come down we can make you pretty but not that you are not all ready!
Rustin's room he now has a big boy bed. We have not found a duvet or a bedroom set for him yet but I am on the search for the perfect ones!

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