Friday, November 16, 2007

Vegas Trip

Here we are at one of the hotels all you can eat buffet. the crab legs were so good! Jeff ate a clam yuk!

Jeff and I took a short trip to Vegas. It was our first trip without Rustin. Chelsea had a class that she wanted to take for her asthetics. We had a lot of fun!


Tye & Tara Thompson Family said...

Chelsea, So I found your blog. You look beautiful, of course. Your little guy Rustin is a doll. He is adorable. Aren't boys so fun. Looks like you had fun is Vegas.

jon & kara said...

Hey Chelsea, it's Kara. Your pictures are so good. Rustin is sucha cutie, he really is a little cowboy isn't he. Glad you and Melissa joined the blogging crowd. I wonder if you will be able to see anything when you go diving in the lake? That seems kind of gross, how deep are you going to go?