Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scuba Lessons

So Jeff decided to suprise me with an early Christmas present for both of us. As you can see by the picture it is scuba lessons. I was so excited to start but also a little nervous. We went to the pool for our practice dive and next week we go to the lake not to excited about that one, but after that we will be certified to dive. we will be taking a trip in Feb. for our 4th year anniversary. I can't wait to see under the ocean! Thanks Jeff for such a wonder full gift!


August & Melissa said...

FUN!!! Hey you've been tagged-tell us 6 things about you we don't know yet and then tag 6 more people

AZ Finters said...

Fun stuff. Email me some time with those pics of the kids at your house the other day.

Scott, Tiff, Talon, & Baby said...

look at you lil fishes! Ug so jealous I want to scubba too!