Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stratt 11 Months Old

What Stratt has been up to.
Maddy and Stratt hagin out!
Mom I am ready for my 1st hair cut!
What is that?
Mom I am not so sure about this?
I am so dang cute!
Eating my first donut and I loved it! Yummy!
Getting tormented by my older brother.
Little boy learned how to throw a ball!
Look at my chubbs!
I know I say this every time but really where in the heck is time going. My little boy is almost a year and I hate to even think about it. I do love watching him grow and learn! He finally started to crawl or should I say army crawl. He is taking after is older brother. He is taking our finger and walking a little but not to much. He says mom dad and that is it for now. I am sure next month when he turns one after no more binki except for when he is sleeping he will talk more! I am learning to cherish every minute I have with my kids because it is a once on a life time thing and I do not want to miss anything!

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