Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stratt 6 months

Stratt is so ticklish. He laughs every time I wash under his armpits or under his neck,and feet. I love it it make me crack up laughing myself.

Stratt loves bath time. He will just kick and splash like crazy as soon as you put him in.
I know I say this a lot but where the heck times time go. I hate that my little man is growing up/ I want to freeze time a little bit. He is so stickin cute.
THings he is doing. almost sitting up, Luaghs a ton and talks like crazy, almost has his 2 bottom teeth in, rolls some times, almost can sit up, loves his baby food even veggies, almost sleeps through the night goes down about 7 or 8 sleeps till about 4 or 5 then eats and will go back down till about 7 or 8! My little man is growing like a weed. I just have big boys. Here are his 6 month statts. Weight 19lbs 7oz. Height 27in. and head 18.74cm
I just love this boy to pieces!

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