Friday, January 28, 2011

My poor baby got sick

I hate seeing this it breaks my heart.
Makes you want to cry.
Oh how I hate when my babies get sick. This time was really hard for me. Stratt got bronchitis and had to be on breathing treatments starting the night before my surgery. I hated that feeling that I could not be there to comfort my little man while he needed me most. That night was really ruff on me, I was a complete mess. Thanks to my husband my dad and father inlaw who gave me a priesthood blessing. Wow how it clamed my nerves. This decision that I had to make was not an easy one but my body gave me no other choice. I new this had to be done. Through reading my patriarchal blessing, prayer and what the doctor told me was how I recieved my conformation. I still was fighting against it. I did not want it to be true. I even asked the nurse before wheeling me in for sugery has anyone ever backed out this close to have surgery? As Jeff looked at me in concern and then the nurse looked at me and said no why? I said just wondering. It does not make things any easier when they make you sign a release stating you will not be able to have any more children right before going in. Oh dang this is it I thought to myself. Then I remembered what my mom and my sweet husband said no this does not have to be it! There are many children out there waiting for a good home and parents to love them. No words will really describe how I felt. Surgery went well as came to the doctor told me how it went. He said on top of my golf ball size cyst on my ovary my endometriosis, prolapesd uterus, there was a lot of big vericos veins on my uterus that we did not know about and it was causing alot of the problems I was having. Wow I was a little messed up in the womens section! So now I am 3 weeks into recovery and feeling great! I got my confirmation even more after talking to the doctor. Heavenly Father only gives to us what we can handle right. I got to healthy beautiful boys that were little miricales in I and Jeff's lives. I could not be more blessed for my little family. After all I think it would be selfish if I was upset that I could not have more, for there are many women out there that have been unable to have a baby on there own. So truly I am so blessed. I am so greatful for all the support I recieved from family and friends! we will see what the next chapter of our lives takes us!

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