Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rustin Talking

So I thought I better write these down before I forget them. I would also like to read these to Rustin when he is older. This kid says stuff that I would not think a 3 year old one say but it comes right out of his mouth!

1. The other day we were at Chic Fil A and there was a lady there from our ward. I did not know this until she told me a couple weeks later. She said she saw Rustin and she said to him Rustin I heard you are going to be a big brother? He said yes I am! Then he asked her are you pregnant? She said no. Rustin said well all you have to do is pray to Heavenly Father and tell him you want a baby and he will help you get one! Then she asked him what we are naming the baby. His response something something Brandon! Oh man I love him. So we say a prayer every night with him and when we were trying to have a baby we would pray about it. I guess he really does listen to what we say!

2. it was a week before Rustin's Preschool Valentines day party and he kept asking is my party tomorrow over and over again. I kept telling him over and over again Rustin it is not until next week on Thursday. He said to me will you stop telling me that you are making me frustrated. Well ok then! he told me.

3. Rustin was getting into his bed for the night and he farted! I said Rustin. He said I know I am out of control! That is for dang sure, out of control funny!

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Elise said...

Oh my gosh. He is so funny and so cute! I can not wait until Blake says funny things! So cute!!